Clawson Mom Seeks Connections with New Parent-Tot Music Class

Local parent starts music group for ages 0-4 at Nature's Playhouse.

As a new mom, Clawson resident Lisa Ball was anxious to find things to do in the community with her infant son.

But as she looked through classes and playgroups in the area, she found a common theme: they all took place during the day. Ball works full-time, so she needed something on evenings or weekends.

Unable to find what she was looking for, she decided to use her own skills as a novice musician and community organizer (Ball co-founded Clawson's Annual Arts & Authors Festival) to offer a new music class in the evenings for other parents in her situation.

The "Find Your Beat!"/Parent Leader Playgroup at Nature's Playhouse at the Hunter Community Center is a music class for ages 0-4.

"I work during the day and I'm always looking for something to do with my son at night," said Ball, whose son is now 21 months old. "He'll also be with me in the class helping."

The class will involve drumming, singing, dancing, open play, making instruments out of recycled products and more. The cost is $50 for each four-week session, and sessions will be ongoing throughout the year.

"Toddlers and even infants and newborns can come and experience the power of music through play," she said. "I wanted to offer more for children that are not in school yet."

The class involves parent participation - a bonding experience for moms or dads and their little ones, Ball said.

"Parents are the first teachers," she said. "I feel that it's very important for parents to have that hands-on role. It's something I always found missing (in other classes)."

Ball said her class aims to foster friendships for young children and for local parents in the community.

"I'm also looking to make connections," she said. "Community and school and family are just big influences on our children and I want to be a part of all of that."

The class will be held from 6:15-7:15 p.m. on Tuesdays. To learn more about the new class or to register, visit the Nature's Playhouse class page here.

elbe March 04, 2013 at 08:59 PM
Catch Lisa on the drums with her husband Matthew at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=padoW-ub8kM&list=UUuQYjl2bGASfCw1HB--GK8g&index=59
Gerald Maliszewski - RE/MAX March 05, 2013 at 03:15 PM
Good luck I am sure this is a good idea.


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