Meeka the 'Love Bug' Needs a Forever Home

Meeka is available for adoption through Paws for Life Rescue in Troy.

Meet Meeka. She's a doll! She loves a good belly rub, gives out puppy kisses left and right and is, in general, a big lover.

She's going to crawl into your lap and your heart the minute you meet her. Meeka loves to play with other pups and she is a quick learner! She has a ton of energy in short bursts and her mind is ready to eat up all you have to teach her.

Meeka was born in Feb. 2012, so she's just a young pup, eager to please and ready to go! Like all dogs, Meeka will benefit from additional socialization and training. After daily exercise and play, she's the queen of the couch and will spend the day lounging around at your side.

Meeeka is the kind of dog that always likes to be in contact with you, whether it's sitting and leaning against your leg, or stretching a paw to touch you while she's napping. She's a love bug.

She is currently loving life in her foster care home after four months spent in a shelter kennel, and she's so happy to be fostered with another dog! She loves him! She loves to chase, tug and wrestle until she’s panting and flat out tired, so a home with another energized pup would be great so they could play with each other. But don't count her out if you don't have another dog.

She's a great companion and will make a great jogging partner and playmate. She is not fostered with cats, but we assume like almost any puppy, if she is introduced slowly to a cat familiar with dogs, she should do fine with some training.

Meeka is a striking girl with flashy white markings and a grey/black brindled coat. She is gorgeous! Meeka has been spayed, is up-to-date on her shots, is microchipped, has been given a recent fecal test (negative for worms) and tested for heartworms.

Give Meeka the home she's been dreaming of and you'll be so glad you did! Her adoption fee is $75; to fill out an application, click here. For more information about Paws for Life Rescue, visit www.pawsforliferescue.org.

JudithReich November 03, 2012 at 06:15 PM
Would love to adopt but live in a no pets building. Need calm, larger animal who likes to interact with me & live-in aide who attends to my personal needs. I like to walk. Not always able. Dog must b able to also go on paper on 8th floor apt terrace. Long, narrow, many potted plants. Larger, older cat, litter &/ train Hv grandkids ages 6-23, expect great-grandkids in a few yrs when oldest Granddaughter meets a gut,gets çgets married.
JudithReich November 03, 2012 at 06:18 PM
Have had dogs. Never a cat but like them very much. Need to learn cat care from experienced person.
Paws for Life Rescue November 05, 2012 at 02:36 PM
Who are you? You are such an expert on animal rescue and breed identification, yet you don't even sign a name to your ignorant rant nor your profile. When exactly did you DNA test this dog to know it's breed combination? Every credible, reputable person in animal welfare knows you cannot determine a breed by looking at a photo or by physical characteristics. Ignorance likes yours harms pets, harms dogs and harms people. How many hours a day do you donate to saving lives? Start there before you preach about topics you're willfully ignorant of.
Paws for Life Rescue November 05, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Every dog is an individual and should be evaluated as such. Discrimination based on physical characteristics and how one looks has no place in today's world.
James November 05, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Ignorance and misinformation is the only thing that's caused people like you to have these opinions about what you call "bully breeds". Anyone who says that all pits are "intensly stubborn" have clearly never spent time with them. This makes you a phony, as well as ignorant. And by you continuing to spread these harmful, misinformed, non-factual opinions, you are causing this stigma to carry on. In other words, it's YOUR mother-effing fault that ignorant people continue to discriminate against certain dog breeds. Why don't you go find some animal-hating website on which to spread your filth, instead of a page that aims to help animals.


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