3 Locals Called Out as 'Best of Detroit'

Clawson boasts 'hidden gem,' cool decor and best drink prices in Metro Detroit.

Three local businesses were named among the "Best of Detroit 2013" by readers of Real Detroit Weeklythis week.

The "Best Of Detroit" is Real Detroit Weekly's annual listing of the Detroit area's best bars, restaurants and entertainment. The list is released each February and this year 43 Royal Oak establishments were included.

"Best Of issue is a go-to guide, a collection, a historical reference for the things we’ve collectively excelled at and the advancements we’ve made as a community rich in food, ambiance, music, art and design," Real Detroit editors wrote. 

Here's a look at the best of Detroit that can be found in Clawson:

Best Drink Prices: Renshaw

"Located in the scenic community of Clawson, Renshaw is one of OUR favorite places to get a cheap drink, so we weren't at all surprised when our readers agreed they had the best drink prices around. Home to daily specials like $2 22-ounce drafts of Labatt Blue and Coors light, they've also got a beer list even the haughtiest of craft brew snobs couldn't turn their nose up to. With local brews from New Holland Brewing, Arcadia, Rochester Mills, MIP, Frankenmuth Brewing and many more, they also have exotic brews from around the world. Our favorite? St. Bernardus ABT 12, a 10.5% ABV abbey brown ale brewed by monks in Belgium. Not only is it only $6 a pop, but you also won't find this beer anywhere else."

Best Hidden Gem: Frittata

"Newsflash: Main Street does not end at 12 Mile. Head just a bit further north and there is Clawson and its many hidden gem restaurants, bars and shops. Frittata serves one of the best breakfasts and brunches in metro Detroit, specializing in their namesake dish, frittatas (baked omelettes). Plus their seasonal patio is adorbs."

Best Place To Find Home Decor: Leon & Lulu

"If you've never been to this enormous Clawson emporium for all things wonderful and weird; you're going to want to plan a trip here as soon as possible. And when we say "trip," we mean it. Stationed in an old skating ink, this place is enormous and every last inch in stocked with one-of-a-kind or hard-to-find objects. Simply put, you're going to need at least a few hours to check out everything from their cache of couches to their novelty kitchenware. Amid the candles, wall art, books and even cute cleaning supplies, you never know what you'll find."

What's your favorite? Share it in the comments. 

Larry W. March 01, 2013 at 01:35 PM
Need an updated photo of Renshaws!
Greg Kucera March 01, 2013 at 03:54 PM
Congratulations to all three establishments for helping put "The Little City with a Big heart" on the radar for other cities - WELL DONE!
Gerald Maliszewski - RE/MAX March 01, 2013 at 04:47 PM
Yes congratulations to all 3. I have to say Frittata serves the absolute best breakfast around and I can't say enough about renshaw's pizza. Again congrats!
Pampered Chef, Teresa Jasina March 03, 2013 at 12:27 AM
I don't know how Renshaw got voted best drink prices (other than cheap beer at a cheap price)...the last time I ordered a "drink" in there, it was a Melon Ball, and they charged $5 for the base price of the drink, plus $2 extra for alcohol because there is both vodka & Midori, plus $1 for the splash of pinneapple juice. I guess the base price of the drink is for the glass and ice. My $8 drink, minus ice, was about 3 ounces total...definitely not a good value!
Haulin T Male March 05, 2013 at 04:04 PM
I am hearing, Renshaws is now trapped by their "cheap Beer Prices" did they try and put the whammy on the other Bars, and are now caught, just like the 5.00 Pizza giant, once you go down, you cant go back.


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