Clawson Grill and Old Port Voted Best Breakfast Restaurants in Town

Readers and Facebook fans show both restaurants lots of love in this week's contest.

This week's "What's the Best" poll has made one thing clear: the Clawson Grill and Old Port Restaurant are the most popular breakfast restaurants in town. Initially, our plan was to have one winner, but the overwhelming comments about both eateries on Facebook and the close poll race proved that both restaurants are deserving. 

The final poll vote was 18-19 (Clawson Grill favored) and on Facebook, Old Port received 14 comments and Clawson Grill, seven comments.

Old Port has been in business since 1977. Owner Harry Kapordelis said the restaurant's most popular breakfast items are the Special Breakfast— which includes ham, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns, toast and eggs— pancakes, French toast and eggs benedict.

Kapordelis said he was excited to hear news of his restaurant winning the Patch contest.

"It’s nice to know that people appreciate what I do," Kapordelis said.

The Clawson Grill, located downtown, also has a popular breakfast menu with a wide selection of dishes including Traverse City French toast and eggs benedict. 

Are you a fan of either restaurant? You can visit the Clawson Grill or Old Port listings and write a review.

Next Week: Join us next week when we poll readers on the best place in town to get doughnuts, bagels and paczkis.


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