Shop Local in Clawson on Small Business Saturday

What is Small Business Saturday and why should you support it?

Move over, big box stores- it's time for small businesses to have their turn in the spotlight.

Crowds flocked to the malls and national retailers yesterday in honor of Black Friday, hoping to snatch up the best deals in town as stores offered deep price cuts and discounts.

But, what about all those mom-and-pop stores all over Clawson and the surrounding cities, including Royal Oak, Berkley, Birmingham and Ferndale? 

That's where Small Business Saturday comes in.

Small Business Saturday is “a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities,” the U.S. Small Business Administration explains on its website.

Founded by American Express in 2010, the shopping holiday drew over 100 million people last year, according to the company's website. This year, Small Business Saturday will be held on Nov. 24.

If you have an American Express credit card, you can receive $25 back one time when you spend $25 or more at a participating small business on Saturday, as long as you enroll your card online beforehand.

Small businesses in Clawson that will be participating in the American Express promotion include:

  • Wunderground Magic, Inc.
  • Studio 41 Photography
  • Triple Thread Custom Design
  • Black Lotus Brewing Company
  • American Flag and Banner
  • Nature's Creation
  • PK Yarn Over Knit
  • Royal Kubo
  • Moose Winooski's
  • Clawson Grill
  • LC Luggage
  • South Main Beauty Supply
  • Flipside Records
  • Noble Fish
  • Lim's Palace
  • Car One
  • Michael's Wine Shoppe
  • Leon & Lulu
  • Amazon Stingrays
  • ACO
  • Due Venti
  • PF Galleries
  • Grumpy's
  • Frittata
  • Main Street Liquor
  • Renshaw Lounge
  • Zorba's Family Restaurant
  • Tavern on the Main
  • A&W
  • Faym-us Chicken
  • Old Port Inn
  • Jet's Pizza
  • Smoking Joe
  • Hydro Vision
  • Bangkok Silver Bowl Thai
  • Nick's Country Oven
  • Atlantis Fish Shoppe
  • Bizcard Xpress
  • Palace Liquor and Deli
  • Brainwater Enterprises
  • China Town
  • Dairy Bar & Grill
  • Tease Salon
  • Trim Barberhouse
  • Lifetime Dental
  • Clawson Shoe Service
  • Everyday Yoga
  • Purified Water to Go
  • Clawson Service Center
  • Laundry Palace
  • Ohm 
  • Collex Collision
  • Graef Dental
  • Advanced Opthamology
  • Bayliss Tire & Auto
  • Grodin Consulting
  • House of Plastic Optical
  • Kimball Animal Hospital
  • Gramer Funeral Home
  • Comfort Plus
  • Premium Hearing Solutions
  • Clawson Footcare Specialists
  • Premium Hearing Solution
  • Custom Temperature Control Inc.
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Summit Clearning Supplies
  • Clawson Steakhouse

Join in the chat surrounding Small Business Saturday on Twitter by using the hashtag #ShopSmall.

Haulin T Male November 25, 2012 at 03:43 PM
When a list like this is done. One is bound to leave out some body. (we oft hear at award shows, the same being said) When some one does a list of small businesses in one area, I feel they should list all of the small businesses. Those on Rochester Rd. (to name a few, advance supply, (owner home grown) wedding planners, Pet supply, Candy store, Julian Bro, it is still a business . West 14 mile, from those right next to Jet's pizza, those across by Hungary Howie's, up to the next little strip mall, across next to where the Clawson Pharm. use to be. going west, further, Dug Out bar (?) up to Phil Cavilles, the red olive, and Jimmie john's, others, jumping back to By-wood, the strip mall on the south side, 4 businesses in there, up to car parts, aldi's, and in the Clawson center, ace, food places, amongst others, the stores at crooks and 15, the reast's on 15. down to the mens barber, been there for decades, to the Juice store and so on. south on main, the fast food, the brand new (?) not sure what it is, acupuncture, (?) how to be healthy(?) in the gray ranch house............. I could understand some of the stores are chains , to me go not fall under small businesses, I took my lead from above when ACO, verizon, Jets were mention. If I was a small business owner, I would be miffed if the same businesses were always mentioned, if I was new, I would think some of these locations were not in Clawson. (like where is the City Limits?)


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