Small Business Profile: Wonder and Entertainment Await You at Wunderground Magic, Inc.

With Small Business Saturday coming up this weekend, Patch will be highlighting a different Clawson business each day this week.

Clawson is comprised of dozens of small businesses, which help give the city its character.

Each has something unique to offer and keeps customers coming back for more.

In honor of Small Business Saturday on Nov. 24, we will be featuring a profile on a different business each day leading up to Saturday, the day that celebrates them all.

Today, we take a look at Wunderground Magic, Inc., owned by Paul Nielsen.


Location: 16 South Main Street

Years in Clawson: Six

What does your business sell? "We sell entertainment. We do it through magic, but we sell puzzles, games, novelties and things to have fun."

What does your business embody? "Wonder. It's in the name. The idea that there is something else beyond this; that there's cool stuff out there."

What is your favorite part about having a business in Clawson? "It's the small town atmosphere in a big city metro environment. I have access directly to the Mayor's ear as well as access to millions of potential customers."

Will you offer any deals for Small Business Saturday? "Deals include close-out clearance Klutz books on sale for $2 (regularly priced at $20), all magic kits are 10 percent off and there are other hidden bargains throughout the store indicated by a red sign, mainly magic items with a Christmas theme."

For more information on Wunderground Magic, Inc., call the shop at 248-280-5925 or visit its website.


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