September 11 – Let Us Never Forget

Eleven years ago, America and its way of life were brutally attacked by a handful of terrorists. Let us honor the victims and their families by never forgetting.

The worldviews of people are shaped by their life experiences. Mine was shaped by a seven week summer study program in Krefeld, Germany and later European bicycle trips in 1981 and 1984. In 1981 I traveled to Berlin by train through two of the three corridors and saw the DDR propaganda firsthand, visiting an area of East Berlin away from the tourist area the government wanted you to see.

In 1984 I visited Yugoslavia (now Slovenia and Croatia) and Hungary for a few weeks. I’d enjoyed the beautiful scenery and my visit with the friendly people, but was glad to be headed back across the border to Austria that day.

I told the German cyclists I was riding with that I was headed to Austria and asked if they were too, and their reply is etched in my memory: “Wir dürfen nicht; wir sind Ost-Deutscher.” (We’re not allowed to; we’re East Germans.)

Winston Churchill was Right

Winston Churchill was proven right about the Iron Curtain that had descended from “Stettin on the Baltic to Trieste on the Adriatic.” Something is wrong with an economic system that builds fences to keep people in and lies about the outside world to control them.

In God’s providence, anti-communism shaped Ronald Reagan’s thinking and brought down the Berlin Wall and the rest of the Iron Curtain in 1989, with the help of Pope John Paul, Margaret Thatcher and other world leaders and the prayers of faithful people.

A friend from Krefeld, Germany sent the attached file on September 12: “September 11, 2011, a horrible terror attack. God save the United States of America and our free world! All the Germans.” To remember the eleventh anniversary, I put it up on my wall at work again.

Civilians as Targets

Terrorists no longer hijack airliners to get their demands met. Now airplanes are commandeered to be used as weapons of mass destruction targeting civilians as victims instead of mere hostage taking.

This has taken trans-national guerrilla warfare to new depths where nothing is too despicable to achieve the end result. It makes one long for the good old days where everyone wore uniforms of their country to fight wars.

There is no end to the terror that can be unleashed once the boundaries are removed: bio-terrorism, a rogue nuclear weapon. The possibilities are truly frightening.

Free people everywhere will not bow to evil, nor will we allow some to redefine evil as justice or a “man-caused disaster” because of perceived wrongs. Evil is evil. Period.

Collision of Three Worldviews

Robert Stearns’ book “No, We Can’t, Radical Islam, Militant Secularism and the Myth of Coexistence” describes the struggle between the Judeo-Christian worldview America was founded with and two competing worldviews.

The first chapter begins with a bank marketing campaign, “Different values make the world a richer place.” A picture of the back of a shaved head ran with different captions in different cities: “Style”, “Soldier” and “Survivor” (cancer).

Stearns says an image of the Twin Towers collapsing on September 11 could have three captions for the competing worldviews: “Terror” (Judeo-Christian), “Victory” (Radical Islam), and “Justice” (Militant Secularism).

As much as reasonable people would like to have all views coexist, Stearns is convinced that it won’t happen. “I would like to wake up one day and discover that I have been wrong all along: that the radical Islamists no longer want to kill me, and that the militant secularists are no longer intent on turning my Christmas tree into a ‘holiday shrub.’ But I am beginning to come to terms with the fact that hell is more likely to freeze over than for either of those two things to happen.”

Christians and Jews Agree

Robert Stearns’ book is endorsed by Christians and prominent Jewish leaders like Rabbi David Wolpe and Senator Joseph Lieberman. I don’t agree with everything I’ve read so far (he holds the most popular of four possible biblical endtimes scenarios; I favor the more optimistic postmillennial view held by R.C. Sproul and other theologians), but Stearns gives us food for thought about competing worldviews.

Both Secularists and Islamists need to be restrained if true coexistence of worldviews is to happen. Jewish talk show host Dennis Prager says the bumper sticker Coexist is needed elsewhere in the world much more than America where all views get along reasonably well.

Linear Views of History

Ironically, all three worldviews believe in a linear view of history. Shia Islam believes in a return of the 12th imam to usher in an Islamic caliphate with the whole world subject to Allah. Iran’s President to the U.N. General Assembly: “Today, we should define our economic, cultural and political policies based on the policy of Imam Mahdi’s return.”

Secularists believe the earth is millions of years old and will last until the sun burns out if only we take drastic steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One of their leading prophets Al Gore has said, “We know from the history of climate changes that they can cause unprecedented social and political upheavals.”

The drastic steps are causing social and political upheavals right now, but that is a topic for another article.

Axis of Evil

President George W. Bush was derided by many for calling Iraq, Iran and North Korea an Axis of Evil. History has shown that to be true, with a belligerent Iran on the brink of acquiring nuclear weapons that could wipe the lone democracy in the Middle East off the map to fulfill its 12th imam prophecy.

Meanwhile, North Korea’s people starve while the son of Dear Leader Kim Jong-il continues his nuclear blackmail of the world.

Some on the Left call the Iraq war “ill-advised” even though 69% of the U.S. House and 77% of the Senate authorized the use of force to enforce U.N. Resolutions, including 58% of Senate Democrats.

Hindsight is always 20-20 when you are a leftist, and America has no moral authority to stop evil because we are not perfect.

Creeping Socialism

President Obama’s supporters say he has governed from the center, but it is only because he has been restrained by his own party in the first two years and the Republican “obstructionists” the last two years. Barack Obama is the most liberal president we have ever had, more like candidate George McGovern on foreign policy and expanding the role of government like Franklin Roosevelt.

On social issues such as abortion and gay marriage he has been even more extreme, going so far as to violate the .

His actions this year and comments to the Russian President “This is my last election; after my election I have more flexibility.” provide a chilling foretaste of the next four years when he won’t be running for reelection.

Islamist Fascism

Like any religion, Muslims would like to persuade others to follow it too. Here in America where there is freedom of religion they can persuade others, as can Christians, Jews, Hindus and Secularists.

Some, especially overseas in Muslim countries, would restrict religious freedom and coerce others to follow their religion. Only a small percentage of practicing Muslims wish to impose their religion by force, although many of their leaders and Secularists seek to deceive others that they are an oppressed minority.

Notice that I said Islamist, not Islamic. There is a difference, a big difference. Islamists seek to impose Islam by force, Muslims by persuasion. The latter is OK, the former is not.

Let us Never Forget

Some things cannot be redefined to make it all nice. The price of not resisting evil is just too high: being ruled by it.

We can forgive our enemies, but we must never forget their brutal unprovoked act of war, nor must we allow it to be redefined as “justice” by those who would seek to see it from their twisted point of view.

Let us never forget the loss of innocence during that awful week when we grieved with our fellow Americans and the planes were grounded. We hugged our children tighter and learned about Al Queda and Osama bin Laden for the first time.

We put aside our political differences for a season and resolved to never forget the heroes and victims of September 11.

This week we also remember the comfort we received from God and other friends of freedom around the world.

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Daffy Noodnicks September 11, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Dale: This one is pretty scattershot. You are so all over the place it is difficult to get at what your points are. Almost nothing has to do with 9/11. Most of it is a rant. I enjoyed learning about your bike trip. A few corrections: Because some book you read that confirms some ideas you hold is ‘endorsed’ by a few people who happen to be Jewish, that does not mean it represents what any other Jewish people believe, or a majority of them. Your implication otherwise is spurious. It also does not mean the book is true. Did you really compare ‘secularists’ to radical Islamists? If so, that is completely ridiculous and awful. You are comparing people who believe church and state should be separate to the people who attacked us on 9/11. Shame on you for doing so, especially today. ‘Secularists’ (whatever you think that means) do not believe the earth is ‘millions’ of year old. ANYONE who believes in scientific facts understands the earth is about 4.5 BILLION years old. The unbiased, objective, reproducible evidence is overwhelming and everywhere. The earth will be here even if humans make it uninhabitable for themselves until our sun runs out of hydrogen and goes red giant. con't
Daffy Noodnicks September 11, 2012 at 01:48 PM
con't As far as your swipe at ‘leftists’ (no surprise) about the Iraq war: people (including me) supported the Iraq war because the Bush administration lied us into it, and people of every political stripe (including me) now believe it was a bad idea in hindsight. That is unfair revisionism. Only Bush apologists like you believe otherwise. Nice of you to ask for people to put aside their political differences. It seems incredibly insincere when you appear completely incapable of doing so yourself.
Daffy Noodnicks September 11, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Also wrong: Jewish people do not proselytize, and America was a NOT "founded with" a "Judeo-Christian worldview". More historical revisionism to promote your extremely slanted distortion of history which is cut and pasted to line up with your religious views. I'm not sure what your implication is when you go on about proselytizing. People who think church and state should be separate, (you know, like in the Constitution) generally don't have a problem with anyone doing that. An issue arises when the government promotes a particular religion, because it is unconstitutional.
John David September 11, 2012 at 07:48 PM
What we really need to do is actually remember those killed on 9/11, and not just say to honor them by droning on about a particular viewpoint. We also need to remember those we sent into war who sacrificed their lives, their limbs, and their minds in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the truly uncounted dead and wounded people of both Iraq and Afghanistan, and work against policies based on error, fear and bravado. We also must guard against ideological and religious extremism, so that these victims can all be properly honored and not disgraced.
Dale Murrish September 12, 2012 at 01:22 AM
Daffy/Matt – There are smarter people than either of us who have studied it and believe in each of the four major views of life’s origins. http://troy.patch.com/blog_posts/origins-of-life-four-major-views I’m not going to debate with them or you which view is really correct, but I think your statement about others who also believe in science and data is a bit extreme. I didn’t say that Secularists and Islamists were the same, merely that they have different worldviews. Stearns is correct when he says those three are the major worldviews competing today. Most cultural Jews are actually Secularists based on their voting patterns. The majority vote Democrat, which just recently strengthened the pro-abortion plank in its party platform. So either other factors are more important than obeying the Bible’s teaching or they ignore it. How else can you explain people like State Senator Lisa Brown misinterpreting the Old Testament to justify her extreme pro-abortion views? My guess would be only a majority of Israelis, Orthodox Jews and other conservative Jews would agree with Stearns’ book, which would probably be a minority of all Jewish people. I wasn’t implying that all Jews did; many Christians also disagree.
Dale Murrish September 12, 2012 at 01:23 AM
I also didn’t say we should put political differences aside this week like we did eleven years ago. That was a shocking, traumatic event that we forgot too quickly. The main point of the article was that terrorism has been softened by those who would try to justify it. Sorry that wasn’t clear. Stopping the negative ads in the Presidential campaign for a day was a reasonable thing to do. Smart people tend to filter out the negative stuff and take it with a grain of salt anyway. With the high stakes for our country’s future and the immoral debt burden we are passing to the next generation, it’s important that we debate ideas vigorously. Positive solutions will win the day in the end, I think. I believe in the American Constitution’s separation of church and state as much as you do. We just have different perspectives on what that means. You work to prevent the establishment of Christianity and I’ll work to prevent the establishment of Secularism; I’m not as worried about Sharia law except through deception by Secularists. In God’s providence it will all work out according to His plan. He does have the whole world in His hands, whether we recognize it or not.
Daffy Noodnicks September 12, 2012 at 01:48 AM
I am absolutely not trying to establish "secularism" OR struggling against Christianity. I am insulted you would accuse me of either. I am happy if Christianity gives people peace, good for them. NO religion should be promoted by government or in public school in this Country.
Daffy Noodnicks September 12, 2012 at 01:59 AM
There is zero scientific evidence for creationism or a young earth. Period. That is a fact. Your misinterpretations of Jewish people are offensive and insulting. I will not discuss them. You often are offensive and insulting when discussing things you really don't know anything about. You are awfully out of line here.
CC September 13, 2012 at 01:43 AM
Sad...my expectations for a blog titled "September 11 – Let Us Never Forget" was much different than what I read here. It's sad to see September 11th become a basis for political sewage.
Dale Murrish September 18, 2012 at 03:04 AM
One person's sewage is another's honey; just sharing a different view from yours. We don't have to all think alike. Isn't that what diversity is about, as long as we're polite?
Daffy Noodnicks September 18, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Dale: Your statements about "leftists" and "secularists", whatever you think those mean, are not polite. When you imply that Christians who believe differently than you don't believe in the bible, you are not being polite. Your statements about Senator Brown and Jewish people were worse. You are also not just expressing opinions or sharing a view, you are making definitive statements that certain things are true, and you are sometimes not correct. You entitled to your own opinions but facts are facts.
S.L. Gross September 18, 2012 at 06:43 PM
Dale, please refrain from hijacking Judaism by using the archaic and incorrect term, Judeo-Christian. They are two separate religions. I also reject the term "Jewish leader." The Jewish people have NO leader. No pope. There is a friendly and welcoming synagogue in Troy. You may want to take a few classes there to learn about the Jewish people because the hearsay you write about is offensive. And the above writer is correct: Jewish people do not proselytize. I'm curious Dale, since you state you are working to establish Christianity, what is to be done about non-Christians? Are you trying to make these secularly founded United States a Christian nation? Should non-Christians leave? The above article is offensive to all religions. Who are you, Dale, to judge people?
S.L. Gross September 19, 2012 at 02:52 AM
Dale, there are many books I could suggest to learn about Judaism if you are interested. But, there are usually Intro to Judaism classes at synagogues in the autumn. There are many fine synagogues around so perhaps you could join a class. Got to services. Eat with Jewish people. Get to know their views. Again, Jewish are not given to proselytizing, but that doesn't mean that you won't be warmly welcomed.
Dale Murrish September 20, 2012 at 09:37 PM
Thanks for sharing your faith, S.L. I’m not that familiar with 21st century Judaism. I’m pretty familiar with first century Judaism from Bible study at church. Which branch is the synagogue on Wattles? I never see people walking there on Saturday so I know it’s not Orthodox. I forget the third major branch; the other one is Reform. FYI, proseletizing has a negative connotation. I prefer neutral or positive wording like learning about another religion or sharing your faith. Some people converted to Judaism in Jesus’ day and were baptized as newcomers to the Jewish faith. Does no one become a Jew if they like it today? I strongly oppose the establishment of Christianity. The state-sponsored European churches were something nearly all Americans opposed. I said I would continue to work to prevent the establishment of Secularism in America. I would also oppose the establishment of any other religion.
Daffy Noodnicks September 21, 2012 at 01:13 AM
There is no seeking to covert others. If one wishes to convert, and seeks out conversion they certainly can.
S.L. Gross September 21, 2012 at 01:41 PM
Thanks for the interest Dale. I can really only speak on Reform Judaism. First of all, please notice that we do not call it "Reformed," as we are always undergoing reformation. My attraction to Reform Judaism is due to its progressiveness and its placing of great importance on Tikkun Olam, or healing the world. Charity and social activism are of the utmost importance to our movement. Reform Judaism is accepting of all peoples, gay, straight, black, white, etc. We study the Bible and take and use what is relevant and meaningful to our lives. Some Reform Jews keep Kosher as it is meaningful to them, and others do not, as it is not meaningful to their practice. There are many books about Judaism; I recommend anything by Joseph Telushkin.
Will Curtis October 03, 2012 at 10:59 PM
An interesting point of view about religion and oppression from someone who has no use for Obama (or Romney either). http://www.dancarlin.com/disp.php/csarchive/Show-238---The-Enlightenment-Virus/Terrorism-Islamic-religion


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