Clawson to Host City Wide Garage Sale

Residents are invited to hold garage sales at their homes this weekend.

If you're looking to empty your storage room or shop for resale items, Clawson is the place to be this weekend. For the first time, the city is inviting residents to hold garage sales at their homes on the same weekend from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Friday-Sunday.

The Clawson organized the , and Director Mickey Alderman said the idea was inspired by citywide garage sales held in nearby communities such as , Huntington Woods and Oak Park. 

There is no registration required for the event, and residents can do their own advertising for their individual garage sales, Alderman said.

“It just makes it easier, and (sellers) get more traffic flow if there are a lot of garage sales going on at once," Alderman said.

For questions, contact the Parks & Recreation Department at 248-589-0334. If you are participating in the City Wide garage sale, feel free to post all the details in the Clawson Patch events section.

Joe Johnson July 12, 2011 at 10:00 PM
It would be nice if the City of Clawson offered a map of homes taking part.
michael J July 14, 2011 at 11:56 AM
At our first Samore fest, last night at the camp fire , in the 'hood, one Garage sale geru, informed the campers, that this is a try, but not like other city wide garage sales....... don't know personnaly. It could be a great thing if all the residents were polled. Local T V has warned Sellers not to use their garages, customers can eye stored values and make a return visit. Clawson has 100 miles of streets, so how far will the casing go? Will the residents see increase police patroles, since the park and rec. opened our "hoods up to strangers in mast, I turned the map Idea in a while ago, was told nothing fancy like that, (map = destination, insted of meandering thru the Hoods). I also suggested perhaps for those that don't want strangers, or have manageable items, that the trail at city park, be used, for tables etc, for the center of op's a small fee for the maps, some food vendors avail. etc. brain storm it, could be a focal point, of an activity, but at least those that donate and take the tax deuction, would be given proper advance notice. I know there has been signs, last night at the Camp fire, some neighbors, said, first they had heard of it. thats society
michael J July 15, 2011 at 01:03 PM
99% of Garage sales are in the Snob Hill area, on Stephen first timers? they have like 25 rubs, with lids, I do trade shows, and don't have that many. Garage sale on Langley started on Wednesday! who'd a thunk, last night we had a looker stop at 8:30= 2030 military, got up set, cause my neighbor wouldn't allow him to shop. There seems to be large sections of the city where there are none, or well hidden, one on N custer, has it all on work benches. Snob hill, ? is part of the N W Qudrant of the City.
Charles Rondeau July 15, 2011 at 02:41 PM
Mike, please stop perpetuating the "snob hill" thing. I lived on W. Stephen for 16 years, and never heard the term until I moved to Selfridge. To categorize a part of town this way is ludicrous. Let's try working on creating a positive self-image of Clawson from the inside out.
michael J July 15, 2011 at 03:24 PM
Snob Hill, I heard it when I was on Fisher Ct. 40+ yr's ago, I hear people at parties at BBQ's, always with laughter. never use it as you seen ti feel. When you livel, or in other quadrants of the City, it is refered to freely, Just celabrating the 4th you are trying to take away the freedom of speech?, Do you really live on Selfridge? or you did & now moved down hill? (the latter is a fact it is down hill, for those that is not a play on words) When you lived on Selfridge, did you hear it from me? Nope,.you take it as durogratory? I find that amazing. I guess it might of started by SOMEONE ELSE, cause? Do you think?, it was the newest and biggest houses, houses that were different from all other areas. of the city,what do you think? I heard it called that by political ICONS. Some houses there, were in the 300,000+ range, then fell into the 160,000's one Colonial on Selfridge, recently had a bid price of 24,000 sold for I beleive in the 40,000 range, I know, cause I started the bid, then I was at our tax valutaion board, when I brought it up (you know about that? the Lady just before you bought that house, do you really think it is worth that small amount?) Yep I said, becuase it sold for it, the truest test of Value. I t was worth that price on that day and time. A positive image of Clawson is Transparency, some thing I am working this city towards, all residents should be treated the same, how many favors have you received from the DPW? since 2007, is that fair?
michael J July 16, 2011 at 12:44 PM
There are, simply put, a deluge more Garage sales today, then yesterday. Word has traveled, and after thoughts are abound, it is so awesume, it is a shame people have to drive, and not do a walking trail, type thing. My walk this morning touched all four quadrants, of Clawson, get out and bebob around.
Patti July 16, 2011 at 07:11 PM
Snob is above Selfridge! We earned that honor!
michael J July 16, 2011 at 08:53 PM
Patti, Chuck is the one who thinks it is derogatory, I know a lot of people who live up on the hill. They use the term all the time. reread Chucks attempt to stop the terminology. If you like it tell him so. Just in case, I did not use it in any derogotory way. No more then different parts of Birmingham has reference names, or Detroit. As I said I heard it 40 yr's ago. It was not started by me. Thanks for telling Chuck where it is and your proud, as you should be.
Charles Rondeau July 16, 2011 at 09:13 PM
"michael J" and "Patti," according to the dictionary, a snob is defined as "...a person who strives to associate with those of higher social status and who behaves condescendingly to others." Please explain how the term "Snob Hill" conveys a positive image of the NW quadrant (to use your term) of the city. This forum is open to all opinions, and I'm simply airing mine.
michael J July 16, 2011 at 09:56 PM
Charles, you led people to believe you live on Selfridge, We know you live Down in/on the flats, you need to chill, I use it affectionately, I love Nic Names, and their Origin, It is a self imposed discription, by those who live there.It is in one of the History books over at the Museum. By replying, asking me to stop, using my name,You are imposing your values on me, you asked me directly by singling me out, you can have your values of course, that is what is neat about this Country. Reading from the dictionary is not needed, as I said, once a person or thing has a nic name, it is very hard to erase it. Northwest Quadrant, is my term to shorten conversation, and E-mails, such as East or West Gate, Or the South End, we all know North of the Mason Dixon Line, just about all South ends etc. were the first to be develope, some people wanted to have more land or new houses, or simply spread out, hence North sides are newer and different then So. sides, in most cases. I am very infavor of fredom of speech, this town has been lacking in that for decades it appears. You only have 2 minutes at a council meeting? why? as long as you don't repeat your self, so people just don't go, One chair for the public, at an Open to the Public meeting, sending a strong message, we don't want you...... does it not? I alway like to hear what people think rather then hear it with pent up rage, or anger........ life is too short, and this is our Town, and country, our CM does not think so.
Patti July 17, 2011 at 12:50 AM
Charles , the names not cutting down anyone , it's just something that's been around here for MANYyears, I grew up here in Clawson,my parents still love in the house I was raised in,when we were kids we played up here all the time, when the homes were built they were all brick and colonials ,the ones below are bungalows and frame houses ect. That's all , someone started calling it "snob hill" .Back then it was because they figured the ones up here were rich! Well by no means are we "rich". When we bought this house ,it was thje right price at the right time. But we don't mind living on " the hill" I was actually raised down below in a brick home! Today the names not used that much , I rarely hear anyone call it that now ,If younrun into someone that was raised here in town , you may hear it again .... We just laugh !


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