Guardian Angels Remains Independent Under Church Reorganization Plan

Clawson church is instructed to come up with 'collaboration' plans with two Royal Oak parishes in the event there is a need to temporarily share a pastor.

Guardian Angels Catholic Church is not significantly affected by the Archdiocese of Detroit plan of closures and consolidations, announced Monday. But there is a recommendation that the church seek "collaboration partners" among two other nearby parishes.

The plan directs Guardian Angels, along with National Shrine of the Little Flower and St. Mary Catholic Church, both in Royal Oak, to "identify collaboration partnerships" to be submitted no later than June 30. These should include plans for temporarily clustering churches, should a need emerge.  "In this way, the pastors and parishes will have already developed relationships, even though this would be a short term, temporary cluster in the event of an emergency vacancy of a pastorate," the plan on the archdiocese website reads.

Detroit Catholic Archbishop Allen Vigneron released the plan, which would see at least 38 parishes merged or reduced to 18 parishes by 2016. He noted that a newly merged parish may retain two or three churches.

The plan, while it leaves Guardian Angels mostly unaffected, does impact several nearby parishes that have been ordered to cluster or merge.

The plan calls for St. Dennis in Royal Oak to merge with St. Vincent Ferrer in Madison Heights, St. Mary Magdalen in Hazel Park and St. Justin in Hazel Park, with the eventual merger to take place by the end of 2014.

It also calls for  St. James Catholic Church in Ferndale and Our Lady of Fatima to develop plans by June 30 to form a cluster, and then to merge within one year. The merged parish will then form a cluster with Our Lady of La Salette in Berkley.

According to the archdiocese, parishes which cluster share a single pastor, but maintain independent finances and have separate parish councils.

When parishes merge, two parishes form a single parish with a single pastor, combining both their finances and parish councils. Also, fewer worship sites may result.

The reorganization plan from the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council mirrors the initial plan for parishes proposed in November.

Mary Smith March 15, 2012 at 03:31 PM
The reason Guardian Angels is not closing is because the adminstrator is on the APC and has pull in keeping her job safe. Also the Parish St. Mary Magdalen which was run by the Capuchin friars were informed that they were no longer needed so that leaves a viable parish without a pastor, which then can be closed. This will also leave all the Catholic Churches starting at the 12 Mile boarder of the South Oakland Vicariate. What will the people do who live between 8 Mile and 12 Mile Roads do. They will have to travel to a parish that is 4 miles away from their homes. Most are seniors who can manage to drive only a mile or so to get to their place of worship and local stores. I say the Archdioces is thinking of only the parishes that make the biggest buck and forget about there people. If there is such a shortage of priest. Why are there Men who work at the seminary in only teaching positions and nothing else. Why doesn't the diocese do what most companies have to do. Just the like the normal Joe. Take a pay cut and take on more jobs in order to keep there job safe.


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