House Hunt: Homes for Sale in Clawson

Details on a few homes that are now on the market in Clawson.

Looking for a new home? Or do you just want the scoop on the homes for sale in your neighborhood? We have the basic details on a few homes on the market in Clawson.

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Haulin T Male September 09, 2012 at 09:32 PM
1066 Selfridge came on the market back in the very early spring, for 200,000 +, at 1350 (?) sq. ft.. very expensive. Well , after another gentlemen and I gave reasons why it was costly. It is now off the Market "Not Sold" here are some stats. Similar homes in the area are at 128 K, similar homes SOLD Recently, were for 117 K, some body tried to doop purchasers ........ didn't work.
mike warren September 10, 2012 at 05:46 PM
Haulin, Why do you feel asking a premium price for a nice home is trying to DUPE a buyer. The seller can ask what he or she wants and if the price is too high a bank appraisal will determine correct value.
Haulin T Male September 10, 2012 at 10:39 PM
Is that the way it always go? It was fore closed, the contractor spent most if not all winter on it, with a crew, was it land contract at first? I guess you can ask what you want, Buyer be ware, I guess, I was proven right, from 200,000 + down to " off the market" last time I had looked it was being asked for 160k+ a couple of months later it is off the market, all the work on a 70 yr old house, and asking more then the 2 story Colonials right next to it, if banks were involved they saw it the same way....... remember you can ask what you want, all you need is one out of touch buyer to sign. a colonial down about 6 or so, went for 48,000, w/side lot. the contr. is now sitting on his $$$$$, waiting for ecom. to go up? that's $$$ out of his ability to expand forward.
mike warren September 11, 2012 at 03:35 AM
Do you mean 1326 Selfridge With the extra lot , that sold at sheriff sale for 112,000. And 1126 Selfridge was purchased for 64,000 and sold for 160,000 last month, please check your facts, it is all public record.
Haulin T Male September 11, 2012 at 12:33 PM
The post was about one house, you dropped that6 area, went where you wanted to feel supreme,This was side bar conversation, not bible facts. I was at the auction it open for 28K as advertised, I made a bid, then got out, when I moved on it was 48K, the Lady as I walked by her house said she got it, now if 48K was reneged on,(?) we were told it would continue on, (?) wht happen after I did not stay, I know at the re-adjustment tax tribunal, the lady was in the chair as I came in, in conversation, the County said Oh you (me) know about that house, they did not refute what I said. so it is some chump change difference, the point is, a colonial and lot, went obnoxiously low, far less then common sense said, it was ...... she did good. I do know about public records. as I said stick to the post the "original" post.


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