Clawson Surveys Residents on Downtown Pedestrian Access

City officials hope to develop a plan that will make it easier to bike and walk in the downtown area.

The city of Clawson is seeking feedback from the community in an online survey that will help officials determine how they can make downtown safer and more accessible for pedestrians.

Director Joan Horton said the survey is part of an initiative to improve the downtown area as it continues to expand. Main Street Oakland County identified pedestrian accessibility as an issue after Clawson .  

"The downtown is a reflection of the community so we do need to hear from the community about what we need to do there," Horton said.

The project specifically focuses on pedestrian access on Main Street and 14 Mile. Clawson will explore options such as bike lanes in the road, bike paths, crosswalks and a pedestrian island in the middle of the road.

The survey results will be the topic of discussion at a workshop on Aug. 13 where guest speaker Norm Cox, of the Ann Arbor-based firm Greenway Collaborative, will discuss best practices.

Horton said Cox will offer his expertise as Clawson develops a plan for its downtown area.

There will be another workshop on Aug. 30 that focuses on a proposed plan for the downtown area. The community will have a chance to offer input at both meetings.

Horton said she often observes pedestrians jaywalking across Main Street or 14 Mile in the downtown area which is a safety hazard. The only pedestrian walkways are at the intersection of 14 Mile and Main Street which can be an inconvenience, Horton said.

"It's not reality to say walk all the way down to that one stoplight and use it," Horton said. "If we do want to grown and improve then we do have to make it a safe community."

The online survey asks questions about how frequent you visit Clawson, what you think of the scenery, how important it is to have safe road crossings at certain intersections and more.

Horton said she expects the city will begin implementing a pedestrian plan by next spring. In the meantime, Horton said officials will focus on developing the plan and assessing funding needs.

If you'd like to offer input, take the online survey.


The Alternatives Public Open House

  • When: 7-9 p.m. Aug. 13
  • Where:
  • Details: This open house will begin with a brief presentation of best practices and a review of the web survey findings. Then participants will be invited to review and add comment on the design alternatives. The input from the workshop and survey will then be used to prepare a plan.

Preliminary Plan Open House

  • When: 7-9 p.m. Aug. 30
  • Where: Clawson City Hall
  • Details: This open house will begin with a review of the findings of the alternatives open house. Participants will then have the opportunity to review and comment on the details of the proposed plan.
Jane Carnel July 31, 2012 at 11:51 AM
if Clawson is concerned about pedestrian safety, reinstall the lights on 14 mile, which will allow people to cross 14 mile at various areas in a safe manor.
Jesse Goodier July 31, 2012 at 01:04 PM
I agree that something needs to be done a 14 and Washington. Lots of peds there due to the bus stop and the major road. The vehicles parked on Washington are also a safety concern. A marked cross walk by Dairy-O would be ideal. We need to fix southbound Main street at 14 mile light. It shouldn't restrict traffic down to one lane to immediately open back up to a left turn, straight and right turn lane- it is completely inefficient and also a safety concern with people trying to sneak by on the right. The sidewalk there is plenty wide. I've seen 3 light cycle backups at rush hour.
Haulin T Male July 31, 2012 at 01:16 PM
It is my understanding according to Public Records, not perception The Last three ped./vehicle issues. Were pre 2005/6. None have occurred since 2005/6. 14 mile construction started in 2007, (first light taken down) One of those 3 ped. issues, was a fatality, A DUI walker from the High Rise, (I'm told by past mang. & Author.)he was out crossing with the light, late at night carrying a bottle back to his apartment. So that issue could of been any where's. he was doing his thing. The Author.tell me Traf Lites are for cars. there has not been a Ped. issues since 2005/6, (6 yr's) when streets were up and running. I stopped a wheel chair user, who says he can get across in 11 seconds. I did some research, the past couple of weeks, seems this new tech. with Ped. crossing lights in the street and not over head, (where drivers take their eyes off the street level) are 80% safer then a Traffic Light, used for ped. crossing, Figure this, (I went out driving) sure we as drivers are looking up or trying to get through on yellow, watching for Left turners, last thing, (when busy) is watching for a Ped. almost across. Much the same when a light turns a ped. steps down to cross, only have'g to jump back cause the driver making a right didn't see you. 80% safer. if an entity is depending on Traffic lights to control ped. traffic , they are living in the 1900's. All those lights were there so Political I cons could get out of their street , with proper timing and Tech. one has more time.
Haulin T Male July 31, 2012 at 02:12 PM
Take a look at this new tech. I have seen it in this state, different segments of use. I called and got the web site of Just one provider, I chose this web site, cause it best showed the workings of Tech. remember watch it as a driver, you will start out looking up, taking eyes off, what is in front of you. I don't know if patch allows web site transfers. Keep in mind from what I am told leds, are cheaper, last longer, solar powered, (no power outage effects, as last Aug. So. side storms, can be seen in all weather, that you drive in. activation, two fer, button, and pressure plate , snow piles around button, no fear, your standing on it. http://www.crosswalks.com/smartCrosswalks.shtml watch the video., every traf light cost (?) 145 k, (?) maint chrg. from county per yr, and energy cost, and bulb replac.
John P. Morse July 31, 2012 at 03:21 PM
Haulin T Male July 31, 2012 at 04:17 PM
Sir: Basically the DDA has not finished one project yet, their, back for another mortgage, they have not paid any thing towards the principal on the huge loan from the city, in two year's. (this is what I mean, the DDA has to dissolve in a few years, who is going to pay those off? why you know who, the council will say we have no choice. (while city claimed poverty) They still have not resolved the huge coffin flower boxes, as per our City it is in the courts. The 118 street lights, were not, are not what YOU were led to believe they were, inferior, and not new tech. (the energy Audit proved that) 1770 cities got money to install L E D's Street Lights. ask this guy who they hired about A A,sq. they put in L E D street lights back in 2007/8, the amount saved , has now paid them off, this summer, The pavers (sidewalks) all over the DDA, were put back in a hap-hazard way, Not a good foundation, could not with stand the freeze thaw, we get in Mich. thus you feel like you been drinking all day when walking on them. there answer is to have the city fix them, (general fund, taxes) The cut outs (parking) means the city had to buy two special P/U's to plow them out, plus a side walk tractor with brush. Not to mention having a city worker, Vacuum the DDA area, not store owners, do you get yours swept, not to mention all that grass watering, none of it goes through a meter, (lost water, blamed on Fires (?)) I am told, by a couple of Owners. They would not pay for water for grass.
Kevin G August 01, 2012 at 04:30 PM
Good to see people finally taking notice of this rogue DDA. Spending like they own the joint whilst business owners & residents foot the bills that result from a ton of bad decisions! We ate at Old Port & watched the city workers spend all day clearing the parking spots on 14 Mile that no one uses, especially in the winter. 3 Men, 2 trucks, every time it snows and that has to add up to a lot of wages for nothing! It's bad politics, and zero change like the last 2 DDA's. Worse yet, the dysfunctional city gov't backs them. Expensive city lawyers, managers, yet nothing improves, and it barely seems like businesses work together here. I see the DDA congregating every time I eat at the clawson coney, but they don't look like the type of people who should be making these kind of decisions.
C August 01, 2012 at 11:25 PM
Not a resident, but doing business in Clawson, all of the time. Never have understood the 14 Mile, Main Street intersection, where South bound Main narrows to one lane. I've been cut off there many times. Need something for pedestrians, near the senior center, similar to the area of the Post Office, Police Dept, and the Clawson Library. BTW, thank you Clawson Police for knowing how and when to lower the American flag. Nice job!
Haulin T Male August 02, 2012 at 11:39 AM
I don't usually follow up, but there are misconstrued thoughts. The Senior center is not on 14, The Senior High Rise, which is a state owned living facility.This stays at the front, cause every two yr's Claw. has Mayor and two council up for election, so that becomes the captive audience, that is why a Traffic light was put up long time ago, (20) an elect. person forced that cost on Tax payers. Years it sat there stopping traffic, to the point City started to received letters WHY are we stopped? Councilman Schawb, complained all the time, "he never sees any one using the light". The fatality, alcohol related, was WITH the traffic light. Oh you hear, they need to cross to get a pizza, now really? last thing a senior with narrowing arteries needs, is a Pizza, stop and think. Imagine how frozen it would be from Nov. on at their pace of walking. there is nothing to cross for, that walking to main or west a block would be better, it would facilitate exercise. as for eating out, a restaurant is to the west, the in town places are on same side or cross main. Jr sr kids use to do destruction walking through the neighborhoods, they now are routed through (crossing at main) Single lane, has been chang 3 diff. times. Bonds had to be floated.Tax payer paid, just to do a Redo, one Lady from the Condos said, (ref. to single lane and Yellow signs), on entering from the North, it reminds her of coming down out of the Mts in W Va. Flag CPD? DPW takes care. business- beer delivery man?
Joseph Boledovich August 08, 2012 at 03:10 AM
Let me add my two cents worth. I have lived here in Clawson for 14 years and that traffic light on Main, (at the Post Office) is the single most annoying light I have ever encountered in my 40 plus years of driving. Of course, it is necessary for it to be a rather long one in the morning as school children are arriving and/or being dropped off. And yes, I understand the need during the half hour as school lets out. But getting stuck and waiting at that long light during the summer (when school is out), or at mid-day, and also in the evenings is just ridiculous. Certainly, in this day and age, that light could run on some kind of sensor and be programmed to operate on an as needed basis, or, at the very least, the timing be shortened so that north and southbound Main St. traffic is not so ill affected. If I was a daily commuter I know I would choose Crooks or Rochester Rd, every morning and afternoon and avoid Main St. whenever possible, just to avoid this obnoxious delay. I bet many do.
Haulin T Male August 08, 2012 at 12:28 PM
Joseph B. . to think, that intersection was just redone, 2 years ago, 1) your preaching to the choir, 2) at one time you had to sit there at 0300 for the full cycle. 3) you sound like one of the invincible's, "the do me now group". The reason the mess in Clawson, is by design, they wanted as much traffic as possible, you see what you have., they wanted to marrow 14 mile so much, it kept trucks out of Clawson, Till M Dot and U S Dot, said NO NO, 14 is a Trunk line to a Federal Inter-state. whoops. yep a traffic circle right there would of worked, except, The U S Post Office is on the corner, and pulls rank over any thing local. need more people to speak up sir, have you seen Crooks or Rochester Rd's, they are noticeably in Volume, some times two lights to get out of the gas station. Keep writing.


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