Word on the Street: What's Clawson Talking About?

A roundup of various Facebook posts from Clawson pages.

Social media as evolved into a daily dose for most people. It's how we keep in touch with our friends, relatives and stay updated on what's going on around us. So today, we pulled together a list of postings from Facebook pages with a connection to Clawson. The updates were posted within the past few days. Here's the word on the street:

  • Honesty for Clawson Schools— Reliable rumor mill has the choice for superintendent as Mr. Jennex. I cannot have an opinion here. Those of you who can, voice opinions/opposition to board of ed members in emails. Use their First name.Last name @clawson.k12.mi.us
  • Leon & Lulu— While Mary Liz is on a shopping trip in Peru for new items for the store, we got to thinking - if you could visit any country in the world for shopping, where would you go? Let us know here!
  • Leon & Lulu— Happy birthday to our favorite "Wicked Queen" Mary Liz! We hope you enjoy Aguascalientes and tomorrow's sunrise at Macchu Picchu.
  • Gramer Funeral Homes—> Celebrating the Life of John Jarvie John Jarvie, September 05, 1970 - April 11, 2012 , Johns life may seem too short to many of you, but anyone who was touched by him understood that his ability to live every day to its fullest far exceeded the years he walked among us.
  • LilacPOP Photography— I am adding my photographs to the PhotoVogue Art+Commerce agency today. They should be live and ready soon!


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