Word on the Street: What's Clawson Talking About?

A roundup of various Facebook posts from Clawson pages.

Social media has evolved into a daily dose for most people. It's how we keep in touch with our friends, relatives and stay updated on what's going on around us. So today, we pulled together a list of postings from Facebook pages with a connection to Clawson. The updates were posted within the past few days. Here's the word on the street:

Downtown Clawson-Schedule Change! The Main Street workshop planned for tomorrow - Thursday, July 12th - has been rescheduled for Wednesday, August 8th. The next workshop remains on July 25th from 6-8pm. Join us in making the downtown we want!

Blair Memorial Library- LEGO @ your library (added 20 photos)

Everyday Yoga- DIA is in Clawson and EveryDay Yoga got its piece - a piece of art: "Luncheon with Figures in Masquerade Dress" - hung on the outside wall. 
Thank you Leon & Lulu for the kick-off party!

Paws for Life Animal Rescue- PFL has more than 30 kittens available for adoption - orange, grey and brown tabbys, calico, black, tuxedo - every color but polka dots. Apply today to become a foster care parent or an adopter.www.pawsforliferescue.org

Leon & Lulu- Congratulations to Mary Liz on winning the 2012 AmericasMart Icon Award last night!


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