Shop Local Stores for Back to School Items

The school year is almost here and school supplies aren't going to buy themselves.

One of my favorite aspects of Clawson is how it is centrally located, with local access to so many different places without being right in the hustle and bustle. Somerset and Oakland Mall, shopping plazas with Targets, Walmarts and Kohls are all places that are great for back-to-school shopping.

With the school year just a week away, it's time to pick up some supplies.

You could use a one-stop-shop store like those listed above, shop online like so many people are today, or you could look around Clawson and find some great deals.

My son and I went around town today to see what we could find.

Back Packs

seemed like the best place for book bags with quite a selection of brands from JanSport to SwissGear, all on sale for 25-50 percent off, ranging from about $7 to about $90.

If you're in a hurry to get your shopping done, Staples has just about everything you might need from pen and pencils to paper and folders.

Water Bottles and Lunch Bags

has some insulated lunch bags for $5.99 and reusable, durable water bottles for $6.99 (two bottles and a pouch).

also has similar, though lower quality bottles for $1.

Paper, Folders and Writing Utensils

Dollar Tree has a back-to-school section with a variety of pens and pencils and markers and folders and composition books and more, each for $1.

Staples is, again, great for any office supply-type items, like those I just listed. They are currently having a back-to-school sale on all these relevant items.


Silent reading is a regular fixture in public schools and though most schools have at least a small library of selections, many kids may be left wanting more variety for their reading. Try for some affordable reading or, there is always .


Kids outgrow clothes fast, so if you're looking to save a little on a new wardrobe for your kids, try the local resale shops like and where you can find gently used and often brand new items for a fraction of the retail price.


Does you child have some summer shagginess on their head? My seven-year-old son Johnny sure did. We took him to for his back-to-school haircut, but there are plenty of other places in our little city to get that done, like , , , , and quite a few others.


is a great place to save some money on pre-packaged foods, snacks and drinks, if you make your child's lunches.

Chris Zimmel August 26, 2011 at 08:06 PM
Be careful when purchasing cheap water bottles. There is a lot of evidence about the effect of plastics on health, especially for kids. http://www.ecolife.com/recycling/plastic/bpa-free-reusable-water-bottles.html
Ryan Cox August 27, 2011 at 05:15 AM
Yes, you are right. Many studies have shown BPA and other components in non-reusable plastics and even some reusable plastics are potentially unsafe when used for regular containment of beverages; most people are not aware of the huge variety of consumer plastics. However, all of the water bottles referred to in this article are aluminum with composite or BPA-free tops. But your warning is especially relevant when purchasing items from dollar and discount stores. I should have been clear about buying aluminum or stainless steel. Great comment.


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