Jalen Rose Ticketed in Clawson Hours After Drunken Driving Sentencing

Former pro basketball player was driving 21 miles per hour over the speed limit Wednesday night, police say.

Former U-M and NBA basketball star Jalen Rose was ticketed for speeding in Clawson on Wednesday – just hours after a l for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated in West Bloomfield.

Clawson Police Chief Harry Anderson said Rose was stopped on Main Street near LePla around 9 p.m. for driving 46 miles per hour in an area where the speed limit is 25. However, Rose was only ticketed for going 10 over the speed limit. Rose was cooperative with the officer, Anderson said.

Rose, an ESPN analyst, faces a $125 fine and possibly two points on his license for the speeding ticket, according to 52-4 District Court. 

Earlier Wednesday in 48th District Court in Bloomfield Hills, Judge Kimberly Small ordered Rose to spend 20 days in jail and serve one year of probation. 

During his probation period, Small ordered Rose not to use alcohol or drugs and to complete an alcohol awareness program and attend alcohol impact sessions with the victims and survivors of drunken driving incidents. He was also ordered to pay a $300 fine.

Rose told Small in court, “I have no one to blame but myself,” and said after sentencing that he felt apologetic. “I never plea bargained,” Rose said. “I know I let a lot of people down … let it be a lesson for other drivers.”

Rose, 38, was arrested early in the morning March 11 after crashing his Cadillac Escalade on Walnut Lake Road, west of Middlebelt Road. No one was injured in the single-vehicle crash that included one passenger.

Rose registered a 0.08 percent on a roadside Breathalyzer, which is the legal limit to be considered drunken driving. A later blood test showed a blood alcohol content level of 0.12 percent.

, a 93-day misdemeanor. Small said it was Rose’s first offense.

– Tim Rath contributed to this report.

Gale Sutherland July 28, 2011 at 06:31 PM
michael J July 28, 2011 at 09:51 PM
Oh My,Granny always said things happen in THREES.
Hfamily July 29, 2011 at 01:56 AM
I cannot believe the police actually pulled ANYONE over for speeding in Clawson. I drive Main Street and 14 Mile Road several times a day; while going the posted speed limit I am passed by other drivers going well over the speed limit, there is never a police car in sight. Jalen Rose should consider himself one of the unlucky drivers that pass through Clawson.
michael J July 29, 2011 at 11:51 AM
HFamily, Now now, I bet Jalen does feel unlucky, as for passing thru, Clawson's rep. on Dui's is such, from 2330 to 0300, that drivers from troy bars, who live south, go around Clawson's Main St. and 14, ocasionally a visitor to the area is nabed. They do sit on my street when they find it, for like 3 minutes, no traffic, oh well, they leave, then down the hill comes 2 or 3 cut thru's, making Jalen look like he was standing still, some Mom's have put out those slow down Kids Playing figures. The Chief, Anderson has only so much to work with. (resources)


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