Novi Officer Graduates From EMU Fire Program

Training Officer Philip Duczyminski graduated from Eastern Michigan University.

The Novi Fire Department is pleased to announce the recent graduation of Training Officer Philip Duczyminski from the School of Fire Staff and Command at Eastern Michigan University. Duczyminski successfully completed more than 350 hours of competency-based management-oriented education during the 10-month Staff and Command program.

The School of Fire Staff and Command takes the fire officer beyond traditional operation methods and exposes them to conceptual thinking and problem solving. The knowledge, skills and abilities learned assist students in problem analysis, management situations, project management, grant funding projects, managing fiscal budgets, and managing personnel matters.

“I am particularly proud of Phil as an outstanding member of the Novi Fire Department and his significant academic accomplishment,” said Novi Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police David Molloy. “The program provides fire officers with the education and training needed to strengthen their leadership capabilities with the Novi Fire Department and ensures enhanced resources to the citizens of Novi.”

Duczyminski has served as a member of the Novi Fire Department since 1997 and was promoted to training officer in 2011. He is currently taking courses at Columbia Southern University to attain his bachelor’s degree.

—The above information was provided in a press release.


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