Police: Vandals Damage Resident's House and Car

Homeowner awoke to find eggs, shaving cream, cheese and toilet paper on her house and car.

Clawson police are searching for those responsible for vandalizing a house and vehicle in the 400 block of Charlevoix between Thursday night and Friday morning. 

Police say a Ford Taurus parked outside the residence was covered with shaving cream and nacho cheese sauce causing damage to the vehicle's exterior. The vandals also threw eggs and shaving cream at the house. The homeowner reported a discoloration in the paint on the vehicle after washing it and on the siding of the house.

In addition to the house and vehicle damage, there was toilet paper strewn across the resident's yard.

Police say they have no suspects and are asking residents to contact them if they have any information about the incident.

"We are following all leads," Clawson Police Chief Harry Anderson said.

Anderson said the culprits will likely be charged with malicious destruction of property. If the homeowner reports damages of more than $1,000, the incident will be treated as a felony and sent to the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office, he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call 248-435-5000.

Clawson Citizen July 24, 2012 at 01:08 PM
This sounded just like the "senior" pranks that was being debated back in June. But now that it' is July, it is a felony? hmmm....Think the June article sent out the wrong message....


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