Big Turnout Reported Across Clawson

City Clerk Machele Kukuk was checking precincts all day.

The polls are closed, do you know where your vote is? In Clawson, it's in the capable hands of city clerk Machele Kukuk, her office staff and many hard working volunteers.

Kukuk has been in and out of her office all day long checking in at each polling location to make sure there's no problems with this election. And there has been a lot of people voting today.

"It's good. We were at 59 percent as of 4:00 p.m.," Kukuk said. "That's including our absentees."

There were 1,734 absentee ballots mailed out to Clawson residents and 1,695 had been returned by 6:30 p.m.

"No, this has gone very well for the turnout we've had," she said. "Busy - we had a few lines here and there but the workers managed it and its going good."

Once the polls close, the results go directly to Oakland County for final tabulations.

"We are doing wireless modeming to the county so the results will go live," she said.

Kukuk also takes a "hard copy" by hand to the county office tonight after the counts are tallied and sorted.

The city has 9,445 registered voters from the nearly 12,000 total population.


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