Candidate Profile: Nancy Cassis

Patch has sent out a survey to candidates running for Michigan's 11th Congressional District. Here are Nancy Cassis' (R-Novi) responses.

Nancy Cassis is running as a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress to represent for the remainder of Thaddeus McCotter's term. Cassis will be on the Sept. 5 special primary. Other Republican candidates are , Steve King, Kenneth Crider and Carolyn Cavanagh. The Republican winner of the special primary will face Democrat David Curson in the Nov. 6 election.

Here are Cassis' responses to Patch's candidate questionnaire:



Family info:

Husband Victor, 7 children and 11 grandchildren

City of residence:


How long have you been a Novi resident?

32 Years


Retired from State Legislature


B.A. Ohio University
M.S. University of Michigan
E.d.S. University of Michigan

Prior Professional Experience:

Nineteen years working in schools as teacher and school psychologist.

Previous elected offices held:

Novi City Council- 1985-1993, 1995-1996
Michigan House of Representatives- 1996-2002
Michigan State Senate- 2003-2010

Community service:

Novi Partners in Education
Republican Alliance to Identify Solutions in Education
Jewish Family Services Mentor Connection
Mi State Coordinator National Republican Legislative Organization (NRLO)
Vice- Chair Federal Budget Committee, NRLO
State Legislative Commerce Committee, NRLO
National Rifle Association
Multi-Lakes Conservation Association
Member, Novi, Huron Valley, Lakes Area, South Lyon, & West Bloomfield Chambers of Commerce
Member, St Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Church, Livonia

What made you decide to run?

I decided to run to voters a choice when the incumbent Congressman did not qualify to be on the ballot.

What issues do you see affecting your district?

1. Job creation- reduce burdensome regulations on small business and improve confidence in the economy.

2. Repeal ObamaCare

3. Reduce spending and support tax reform- I support a balanced budget amendment, will vote favorably on fiscally responsible tax measures and offer constructive solutions.

What national issues would you like to influence as a member of U.S. Congress?

I pledge to oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses. I will vote to repeal the largest tax increase in history, ObamaCare. And I will sponsor/support economic policies that will create Michigan jobs, reduce government spending, cut the deficit, eliminate government waste, lower taxes, and curtail burdensome regulations on small businesses and America’s job creators.

What are your thoughts on your new district lines?

The new district is strongly Republican and continues to encompass some wonderful Oakland and Wayne County Communities. I represented almost 1/3rd of the new district was a State Senator from 2003-2010 and have lived in both Counties.

How do you feel about being a write-in candidate?

What an honor it is to have the endorsements of all the major newspapers, Detroit News, Detroit Free Press and Observer & Eccentric, as well as the support of leading respected public servants: Congressman Mike Rogers, Congressman Tim Walberg, Brooks Patterson, Senator Mike Kowall, Senator John Pappageorge, Senator Jim Marleau, Former Senator Loren Bennett,
Representative Hugh Crawford, Representative Gail Haines, Representative Eileen Kowall, Representative John Walsh, Bill Bullard, Oakland County Clerk, Mike Gingell, Oakland County Commission Chairman, Kathy Crawford, Oakland County Commissioner, Jack Kirksey, Livonia Mayor, Laura Toy, President Livonia City Council, John Pastor, Vice-President Livonia City Council, Bob Gatt, Novi Mayor, David Staudt, Novi Mayor Pro-Tem, Phil LaJoy, Canton Township Supervisor, Tom Zoner, Commerce Township Supervisor, Justin Fischer, Novi City Council, Wayne Wrobel, Novi City Council and Dennis O’Connor, Vice-President Novi School Board.

Michigan Voter August 03, 2012 at 08:09 PM
Seriously, the second most important thing for her to do is repeal Obamacare (providing such benefits as the elimination of copays for immunization shots)? That is the second most important thing on her agenda. Also, looking at her regulations comment, regulations make jobs in compliance, etc. There was an economic study on this actually. What it does that republicans hate is lower corporate profits for the shareholders. My heart just bleeds for them. I am voting for Dr. Taj. I'd even take the tea party nut over this.
steve merglewski August 04, 2012 at 12:32 AM
seriously??? repeal the ACA??? and whar if anything would you do for the over 40 million Americans w/o healthcare??? so far, repubs have had ZERO solutions for fixing healthcare. That means you must simply care LESS about uninsured Americans. AND MI repubs are systematically DESTROYING Public Ed ...claiming MI schools are failing...that's BS... Gov Snyder and MI legislators are nothing more than ALEC puppets!!! On a national level...what would you do to combat the 20 years of outsourcing that has crippled MI's economy??? the "Let the Market fix it" approach has continually rewarded corps that send American jobs to foreign cheap labor markets...all to make the 1% ers achieve record profits while the rest of face downsizing and pay/benefit cuts. The good folks of our district need to realize that your greedy, trickle down ideology DOES NOT help OUR bottom line whatsoever!!!


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