UPDATE: Clawson Precincts Report Steady Traffic on Primary Election Day

Voter turnout was average and both county millages passed in Clawson.

The primary elections brought steady voter traffic to Clawson precincts Tuesday with a 25 percent total voter turnout. 

A total of 2,395 Clawson voters participated in the election with precinct 5, Schalm Elementary, having the highest turnout of 28 percent.

City Clerk Machele Kukuk said Clawson had a 23 percent voter turnout in 2008, the last August primary during a presidential election year. The two Oakland County millages likely attracted a higher number of voters, Kukuk said.

Voters passed a proposal of .2 mills for the Oakland County Art Institute Authority which and renewed .59 mills for the Oakland County Transportation Millage.

"More people turn out for money issues," Kukuk said. 

Both county millages passed in Clawson. The Art Institute, or DIA millage, received 1,377 'yes' votes and 963 'no' votes. The transportation millage received 1660 'yes' votes and 668 'no' votes in Clawson. 

In 2010, there was a 28 percent voter turnout for the Michigan gubernatorial primary, she said. As of mid-day Tuesday, Clawson had received 616 absentee ballots with 71 outstanding. 

The and precincts were both busy Tuesday afternoon. Kenwood precinct chair Heather Blaszyk reported 200 walk-ins by 1:45 p.m and Schalm reported 148 walk-ins.

"We have actually filled all of our booths more than once," Blaszyk said.

Kristy Smith, 33, cast her vote at Schalm on Tuesday afternoon. Smith said it's important to vote on the issues and candidates that affect the local and regional communities. She said she supports the .

"It's so important that we keep (the DIA)," Smith said, adding that the museum services and programs are vital. The DIA is "just incredible. Ten dollars a year, I can handle that."

Doris Clark, 55, researched the candidates and issues before voting at Kenwood. Clark voted "no" on the millage that would support the DIA.

"The idea of cutting back the hours and programs was never a big issue for me," Clark said.

The polls will close at 8 p.m.

Clawson Patch will report election results as they come in on Tuesday night. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates.


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