Commissioner Bosnic 'Steps' Up, Wins $500 for Clawson-Troy Optimist Club

Five Oakland County Commissioners each contributed $100 to the charity of choice for the commissioner who logged the most steps in Oakland County's "Count Your Steps" initiative.

The following information was provided by the Oakland County Board of Commissioners.

On Oct. 3, Oakland County Commissioners will present a $500 check to Rocco Romano, president of the Clawson-Troy Optimist Club, as a result of Commissioner Mike Bosnic winning the Second Annual “Commissioner Count Your Steps Challenge.”

This summer’s challenge included five commissioners: Mike Bosnic, Beth Nuccio, John A. Scott, Jeff Matis and Philip J. Weipert. They each recorded their steps during Oakland County’s “Count Your Steps” initiative, which used pedometers to track the number of steps each commissioner took.

For the charity challenge, they each pledged a $100 contribution to the charity of choice for the commissioner who logged the most steps.

Oakland County Commissioner Mike Bosnic won the challenge after recording 272,171 steps on his pedometer. Commissioner John A. Scott recorded 226,749 steps, Commissioner Philip J. Weipert placed third, and last year’s defending champion Commissioner Beth Nuccio (who donated to the Ortonville Community Emergency Fund in 2011) and Commissioner Jeff Matis rounded out the final two competitors.

“I appreciate the participation from my fellow commissioners in promoting fitness and generating funds for a wonderful organization in my community," Bosnic said.

“The Clawson-Troy Optimist Club will put our funds toward a scholarship for a local high school student. My predecessor, Commissioner Chuck Palmer, was very involved with the Clawson-Troy Optimist Club, funding a scholarship for years. I salute Commissioner Palmer’s efforts by asking that our funds be donated to this great group of volunteers.”

Members of the Board of Commissioners continue to promote healthy initiatives such as County Executive L. Brooks Patterson’s Annual “Count Your Steps” program, while also raising funds for worthy causes. 


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