Council Votes to Maintain Current Lot Size, 'Integrity of Clawson'

Council adopted the amendment at its regular Tuesday evening Clawson City Council meeting.

Clawson City Council voted Tuesday evening to adopt a Proposed Ordinance Amendment to Chapter 34 of the Land Development Regulations of the Code of Ordinances, which will allow for the preservation of the land on which home lots sit within the city.

According to Mayor Penny Luebs, the Ordinance will "keep out future developers from putting one home on two lots" by maintaining specific requirements to ensure the development of those homes keeps within the city's goals and objectives.

Currently, 30% of homes in Clawson sit on 'large lots'. According to the Land Development Regulations Code, lots must be a certain length and width for one home and meet detailed criteria and recommendations.

City Attorney Jon Kingsepp notes that an amendment such as this ensures that the integrity of the city and its homes will be maintained well in the future, stating at the meeting, "That's the character of this community that is so unique."

The amendment issue was the subject of three previous public hearings.

"The change began when groups of residents expressed their desire to preserve the character of their neighborhoods and not put additional strain on sewers with more housing, thereby maintaining a safe and healthy neighborhood," said Mayor Luebs, who also notes that lack of open land in Clawson also played a factor in the decision.

Councilmen Thomas Palmer and Howie Airriess voted against the adoption.

Paul September 19, 2012 at 06:25 PM
This article makes no sense. "keep out future developers from putting one home on two lots" "and not put additional strain on sewers with more housing" If you put one house on two lots, that would be LESS housing, and LESS strain on the sewers.
Tim September 20, 2012 at 11:58 AM
I agree with Paul, this article makes no sense! PLEASE tell me the city council did not vote to rid the city of all double lots! It seems like almost every time a house with a double lot is sold 2 very large homes are put in it's place with NO yard! the last thing this city needs is to become like Birmingham & other cities having little, to no yards/green places!
Clawson Citizen September 20, 2012 at 12:20 PM
Yep, I these big foot homes swished rt next to me & 10 condos across the street where one house stood! Glad this was stopped! Another beautiful old home torn down on Main too & lot up for sale! So this new law comes a little late for me. Oh, when comps were built, another beautiful old home was also torn down too. What I had LOVED abt Clawson was these homes from the past. Now I am looking at junk!


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