County Clerk, Troy Mayor and Others Watch Election Results at Marinelli's

The Troy-Clawson Republican Forum hosts party to share 'excitement, enthusiasm and discussion' Tuesday night.

Before heading to the county offices in Pontiac on Tuesday evening, Oakland County Clerk Bill Bullard first stopped by in Troy for the Troy-Clawson Republican Forum election results viewing party.

"I'm a Romney supporter," Bullard said shortly after arriving at the restaurant. "I hope he does well tonight."

He believes Romney is the only Republican presidential candidate who has the resources to campaign in all 50 states.

Bullard joined about 30 others at the restaurant, including Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, Councilman Doug Tietz, Oakland County Vice Chairman Jeff Matis, Oakland County Prosecutor candidate Mike Bishop and Troy Citizens United committee member Deborah DeBacker.

Troy-Clawson Republican Forum President Barbara Harrell said the get-together was open to all Republicans, no matter for whom they voted. The organization, which occasionally endorses local candidates, has not yet endorsed a presidential candidate.

Harrell said she decided to organize the results party as a way to "do something more local" during the statewide election.

"I like the excitement, enthusiasm and discussion here," she said. "I also hope to see if there are any people who want to be a precinct delegate."

Matis attended the event with his wife Kimberly by his side. "My wife and I needed to eat," he joked, "so I thought we'd come in."

Matis, who won his first election in 2007 to Rochester City Council, said he enjoys election days and still prefers to vote in person instead of by absentee ballot.

"I like to go to the voting booth," he said, adding that his favorite election experience was seeing his own name on the ballot for the first time.

"What a great country we live in," he said. "It's our American election system at work."

Meanwhile, Kimberly Matis, a Romney supporter who has met the former Massachusetts governor on several occasions, said she was encouraged by the number of people who turned out to vote at their Rochester precinct and hoped Romney would win in Michigan.

"He's very likeable and can focus on you during a conversation," she said.

David Silver, a Troy resident who is politically active in the area, said he was most interested in seeing the results of the presidential primary. "It's turning into a battle, it really is," he said.

Bishop, who endorses and admires Romney, said he most enjoys the presidential primary because "it's a great time to ... exercise our democracy."

Bishop family has been close with the Romney family for decades, he said, adding that his parents nearly christened him "George Romney Bishop."

Daniels seemed to be enjoying herself Tuesday evening. "I came here to be with friends and watch the results," the Troy mayor said as she chipped away at a large plate of spaghetti. "I always go to the polls and vote," she said, adding that she loves the excitement of the presidential primary. Daniels declined to divulge for whom she voted, however, saying, "It's a secret."

"It's very exciting," said Troy City Councilman Doug Tietz, who also attended the event. "People have an opportunity to have their voice heard. ... It's one of those times when we're all 100 percent equal."

Tietz also declined to say for whom he voted, though he said he thinks this year's presidential election "is going to be a barn burner."

Ed Lambert March 01, 2012 at 12:55 AM
Sassafrassy, consider Daniels's response as a polite way of saying "None of your business." Nothing wrong with that. Unless, perhaps, when the reply is made by a conservative.
Sassafrassy March 01, 2012 at 01:19 AM
Mr. Lambert, my point is that she already voiced her opinion of Santorum once before, so it would hardly be unprecedented her to voice support for him again.
Steve Tegge March 01, 2012 at 03:34 AM
She said that if she had the key to the city she'd give it to him. Many non politicians have been given keys to cities in the past. It could be an endorsement or merely a show of respect to a pretty significant person at this point in history. But in the end, who cares who she voted for or endorsed. Why is this an issue worth posting on? This is such a non-issue that I'm amazed I'm taking the time to post on it.
Sassafrassy March 01, 2012 at 04:37 AM
Mr. Tegge, you ask "who cares who she voted for or endorsed?". Mayor Daniels is the founder of the Troy Tea Party and has been been very active in previous elections. I imagine there are lots of people who are interested in her opinion, as they may want to follow her lead. You also said "Why is this an issue worth posting on?" I never claimed it was an issue. I was just making an observation - you were the one that called it an issue
Larry Smith July 24, 2012 at 07:47 PM
go blue


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