Novi Picked Romney in Election

Here's a look at how Novi residents voted in the statewide races and for president.

Unofficial results from the Novi City Clerk's office show that Novi residents came out in big numbers on Tuesday with 75 percent of voters casting a ballot.

But how did they vote?

Here's a look at Novi's unofficial results for state and federal races.

>> For more election coverage, including results for the races, check our coverage of Novi's elections, Michigan elections and Oakland County elections.

Straight Party

Total Votes Percent Republican Party 7,517 53 Democratic Party 6,457 46



Total Votes Percent Mitt Romney (R) 14,716 51 Barack Obama (D) 14,110 48


U.S. Senator

Total Votes Percent Pete Hoekstra (R)
12,818 45 Debbie Stabenow (D)
14,855 52


Representative in Congress, 11th District

Total Votes Percent Kerry Bentivolio (R)
13,429 49 Syed Taj (D)
12,920 47


Representative in Congress, 11th District Partial Term

Total Votes Percent Kerry Bentivolio (R)
13,511 51 David Curson (D)
11,925 45


Proposal 1

Total Votes Percent Yes 18,096 65 No 9,595 35


Proposal 2

Total Votes Percent Yes 8,926 32 No 19,054 68


Proposal 3

Total Votes Percent Yes 9,574 34 No 18,451 66


Proposal 4

Total Votes Percent Yes 9,395 34 No 18,461 66


Proposal 5

Total Votes Percent Yes 8,117 29 No 19,688 71


Proposal 6

Total Votes Percent Yes 8,292 30 No 19,801 70


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