On the Ballot: Howie Airriess, City Council

Councilman looks to serve a second four-year term on City Council.

Age: 63

Occupation: Former business owner, involved in the trucking and steel industry for 39 years

Family: Married to Glenda; has five adult children, eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren

Community Activities: , Fourth of July committee, Clawson Eagles, American Legion, chairman of

What makes Clawson a great community? "The people, volunteers, our great police and fire department."

What are the biggest challenges facing Clawson? "Our sinking housing market, economy, our failing infrastructure, sewers and water lines. Our city budget, which has been cut drastically."

What solutions do you support? Looking for grant money, keeping our city costs down, looking for the economy to pick up so people will start spending more in our community.

Why are you running for re-election? "For the love of my city and its residents."

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Official election page

michael J October 13, 2011 at 11:52 AM
Lauren Trible Laucht, has been chosen to be the next "City Attorney" of Traverse City, in Northern Michigan. That is the City whose locals have the slogan, "View of the Bay for Half the Pay" Lauren has been Clawson's asst. attorney for several yr's.(2008) Good luck on your new endeavor. T. C. went through a lengthy ordeal, to come down to Lauren, she is taking over for Kerrie Zeits who is returning to private practice in the area. T C wrestled with contracting out atty. services. Decided they wanted an in-House employee.
michael J October 13, 2011 at 08:59 PM
C W, My point on those communities was this: Having a school building, Beverly Hills has 17, but they don't have a B HLL School District, it is B'ham, their kids can go to H S.at Groves or Seaholm. Im saying you don't need an in house District to have house values, cause by law all kids have to be in School some where's. Now your being presumtious, by saying they are wealthy, cause of their area, so they go to private schools.now count w/me, Country day, marian, bro rice, seaholm, Groves, Cranbrook local & boarding. kingwood same, roper- 8, 2 being public.pretty much all of them in a straight line ... 14 kids were from CLAWSON when one son went thru B R, 5 on the state champion ship FB team, my daughter had 35 (?) communities, 35mi 4 -1 in her Grad Class at Marian, C Day, kids from all over the S E area, one kid on my Block went to Roper,Clawson could't, he couldn't be pushed fast enough, there are no kept grades (he was special) it cost his parents $$$ big $$$, not in their game plan for sure, but they found away.You mention about not in Clawson, see I don't understand that cause Success breeds Success, I got my kids as close to the success as I could. I know private is not for every body, but Puplic Schools is a form of socialism, all must pay for all. to maintain a foundation in this country. Given. Why not have ppl w/kids pay more? & those who took the preasure off the system, pay substantualy less. I paid -for mine & theirs now its yours & theirs mine who never went?
cw October 14, 2011 at 02:38 PM
Education is an investment in our future. Paying for a good public school system where every child has an opportunity to attend school regardless of their economic background is the core foundation to a good country. If our country dumps the public school system, crime rates go up, jail/court costs go up...which would you prefer to pay for? Do you want your taxes to go to public schools or public jails? I know many many families in Clawson that have chosen to send their children to private schools. That is their choice. My kids go to public school. My only point was that you can't compare Beverly Hills or Pleasant Ridge to Clawson. Beverly Hills & Pleasant Ridge are attracting home buyers by BEING Beverly Hills & Pleasant Ridge. Right now Clawson has a nice public school system. Our elementary schools rate excellent on the Great Schools rating system. Our middle school and highschool are at a 6 (on the same rating system), not great, but certainly not terrible. Clearly there is some work needed. We are a nice little community with a nice public school system. I came back to Clawson to raise my children because that is what I want for them. I like the tight-knit community where my kids can walk to and from school & ride their bikes to their friend's house after school. We walk up to football/soccer practice, walk to HS games on Fridays & that is the close knit, small town life that will attract new families.
michael J October 15, 2011 at 02:08 AM
C W Again I am saying those towns don't have an in house school system, they couldn't afford them, it does not keep people from buying there. Same here, if we didn't have all the expense of an inhouse District, all the politics with parents vs. the supt. (supt trying to sneak things through, cause she thought no one was smart enough? to catch it, the Moms were watching) we would be paying one time to the system we were folded in to. Insted of bonds and fees, Bigger is not always better, but smaller is always more expensive. It does not mean CHS would not be there, we would just be part of? you could still walk to the games, just like Seaholm, and groves parents can, more seaholm, groves is IN BEVERELY HILLS, it takes care of those families from there, unless they opt for Seaholm, which is in district.There are Clawson ppl who have tolld me the inevitable is going to happen, they just don't know when, we are just TOO small, I am talking the whole picture, Troy and Lansing already said there are 8 communities south of Troy, that would fit into troy's city limits as it sits, clawson is 2.2 sq. miles, troy is 33.6sq miles, 15 clawsons could fit into troy, so their Police Chief.4 example. is covering 15 clawsons, so why the redundency? The Govr. is a business man, he looks at things like that, why are we dealing so many redundent little urban communities, if it is troy, they will get a huge part of clawsons $$ from Lansing, lansing will save "X" % it pays out, thus a savings.
micheal j October 15, 2011 at 02:21 AM
at least tites and romano did pot run for office
micheal j October 15, 2011 at 02:22 AM
MJ stop useing my name
michael J October 15, 2011 at 03:02 PM
The new Clawson web site is up & running it looks much more professional then the original was allowed to degrade to. It was some what stressful I hear, Vol's vs City workers, one comes from working parameters, the other is lets make it right, then see what we can do to afford it. I have not rummage thru it yet, since it is getting close to the "Great Divide" game, The only thing, I can see, the City did not allow the tax payer to use it for X times to feel it out, which is the M O here.in Clawson, Here it is & "You Vill Like It" (german translation) On the surface it looks neat and clutter free. In time any inherent flaws will surface I'm sure. which a trial run would of discovered I think. A shout out to Kurt, Chuck, (names familiar on here) & Bill, & the other Vol's, for time spent, I know it was not easy & frustrating at times but you 3+ perservered. A quick .50 tour says to me, a tax payer, looks good, smells good, now does it quack like a City web site.... that my fellow tax payers......After the game.pr perhaps after the lions game, thanks guys.
mike smith October 26, 2011 at 02:33 AM
Mj. Great. News your favorite person. Romano. Term ends 12/31/2012 Is this city lucky. And titees Term end 12/31/2012. However. There is room for him to cause more. Damage. It is ashame they can't answer. The patch
mike smith October 26, 2011 at 02:35 AM
Traverse city. More costs to us
mike smith October 26, 2011 at 02:39 AM
Sometimes but not very often you make sense. Mj


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