Planning Commission Tables Decision on Ball Park Proposal

Professional baseball team owner will have to address traffic impacts, parking details and site design in proposal.

The Clawson Planning Commission voted Tuesday night to postpone its decision on a proposal to revamp City Park for professional baseball games.

Commissioners say there are too many gray areas in the plan such as traffic flow, parking for all attendees and site design.

David Martin, of Summit Professional Baseball, will have to address the concerns before the commission makes a final vote at its next scheduled meeting Sept. 13.

The four-hour long public hearing was standing room only at City Hall on Tuesday with several residents approaching the podium for public comment.

Keep checking the Clawson Patch for a full story on Wednesday.

michael J August 26, 2011 at 11:23 PM
Millage in the wind, 3 mills, to replace the one that is retiring this or next yr. also might have to raise 9 mills like Hazel Prk. to make up for house depreciation. perhaps wrapped into same miilage request, of 9 total Watch the Govr. he wants kids to go to any school. I bet G P, B'fld, B'ham will find a way not to allow it, Clawson will we build more schools? approx 30% of all our taxes for the district, go for school of choice kids, WHOSE PARENTS DON'T PAY OUR REAL ESTATE TAXES.......... DO YOU THINK THE DISTRICT GOT GREEDY BY OPENING THE GATES FOR THOSE OUT SIDERS, THEN THE NEW GOV. CUT THE AMOUNT pAID TO US, (&OTHERS) JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT, Horizen is full is kimble full? don't know. Troy seems eager???
george gray August 27, 2011 at 01:42 AM
well MJ there might be truth in what you say. I bet it will be more than 3 mills, there are not enought taxpayers to pay for all this. will still wont get the park fixed
michael J August 27, 2011 at 11:14 AM
G G, (save key strokes,Sir), I not said one thing that was not in or should be in PublicMinutes,(minutes subjective to the minute taker), unless I have said [My terms], every thing has been said at a work shop,or sched. meeting.You are right any increase talked about so far, is to replace a retiring millage.I my self will never vote for an open ended millage to replace home depreciation, why? utopia, if houses appreciate, the city then would have apprec. monies &voted increase. The house depreci, as most people agree, put the prices of home back to 2001 or so era, WHERE they should be, before inst. manuv, problem is not only people got use to, Cities didn't catch on what was happening, spent accordingly. I had / have 5 kids, would had more If every time we had one, I could go in and gotten monies to cover the added cost,You know what the boss would of said, live with in your means, your pleasure, or family size is not his responcibility. I am telling you, in 2004 the last time the city was BROKE, we had approx.10 - 11 DPW employees, we now have 16 - 17, just c'nt the cars in the lot,over flow to across the strt.yet Claw didn't annex any more r estate, that 30+% increase in employees. yet staying the same size, go figure. If we night have a discussion w/o names calling. But the fact is, if you have been here a while, you know your tax statement was with one line in the open area, now it is taking up just about the whole space, ther'e fees, fees are not Tax deductable, irs
george gray August 28, 2011 at 01:05 AM
MJ take the deduction based on the amount of check you write to the city, those fees are encompassed in the tax bill. take them
micheal j September 13, 2011 at 10:10 PM
thnks g g I will remember that


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