Poll: Do You Think K2 or Spice is a Problem in Clawson?

Clawson is joining several other communities and lawmakers in an effort to ban K2/Spice and educate the public.

Recent hospitalizations and deaths related to K2, or Spice, have prompted area groups and police departments to raise public awareness on the dangers of the drug.

Several groups in Michigan – including the Clawson and Troy Community Coalitions and www.nospicetroyclawson.org – have organized informational sessions aimed at educating residents about K2/Spice.

K2/Spice is a dried herbal blend sprayed with an analgesic chemical, creating a high similar to marijuana, according to the Michigan Department of Community Health, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Administration.

The herbal essence is sold in Michigan stores as incense, the organization says, and side effects include heart palpitations, respiratory issues, panic attacks, hallucinations, delusions, vomiting and increased agitation.

Clawson Police Chief Harry Anderson said there have been no recent reports of K2/Spice incidents in Clawson but still, he wants to be proactive. Anderson is working with the Clawson Community Coalition to organize a forum to educate the community about the drug in the next few months.

He also hopes to create a letter to distribute to local stores that would advise merchants to take K2/Spice off the shelves. "Even though it's legal to buy, it's very dangerous for kids to use," he said.

However, Anderson said it's a matter of time before K2/Spice is illegal.

On Wednesday, Michigan state in the state of Michigan.

The legislation–House Bill 5709–would require the Michigan Department of Community Health in cooperation with the State Police to analyze the content of the herbal mixtures and create a written report of its findings.

Darany’s proposal comes after many local communities have rallied to have Spice banned.

K2 has recently come to the center of media attention after . Police there believe Smith died of an apparent drug overdose directly related to his smoking K2.

In another teen death, attorneys for West Bloomfield's Sandra Layne say her 18-year-old grandson Jonathan Hoffman may have been under the influence of K2 when.

In Troy, police have recently responded to a report of a after smoking K2, arrested a 19-year-old and discovered a teen .

The drug may also have been in the system of Tucker Cipriano when the 19-year-old Farmington Hills resident and friend Mitchell Young, 20, , killing his father Bob Cipriano.

Anderson said the drug is too dangerous for parents to ignore. "Be aware of changes in behavior in kids," he said.

So what do you think, Clawson? Do you know of any teens who have used K2/Spice? Is the synthetic drug a problem in Clawson?

mike smith June 02, 2012 at 04:49 PM
All kids no matter where they live, many of them will want to try K2. Banning needs to be statewide Cigarettes and Alchol will never be banned they are tax revenue
ddg3362 June 03, 2012 at 02:30 PM
What about the "out of district" kids that come from a city where its NOT banned???
Jeff Wiggsley June 05, 2012 at 03:51 AM
Here we go again...Don't you ignorant humans learn anything about prohibition? Any parent who has children that are using this drug, have failed as parents. So what do you do when you fail? Cry to the government to do the parenting for you. I'm 110% sure that any teens that used or died from this drug, have already been involved in cigs, drugs, their parents Rx drugs, and/or alcohol before ever touching the spice. And why? Because their parents are failures. If you would have been better parents, you would have educated your children about the dangers of drugs, cigs and alcohol. So guess what happens now? You ban the spice and it goes to black market. You've just added another drug to the cartels list of products. Cartels and drug dealers bring even more crime including murder. You really want to stop spice? Legalize, tax, restrict to age of 21, and regulate marijuana....just like you did to alcohol. Are you telling me alcohol is different? If you are, then you are one of the ignorant parents who abuse alcohol and prescription drugs yourself. Where the heck do you think your children learned how to abuse these chemicals?
Barbara Lusk June 05, 2012 at 02:14 PM
Ban the sale and penalize those who sell it. This stuff is dangerous not only to the users but to those who are at the mercy of the users. Just like when they were toddlers, if you put the dangerous stuff out of reach, the child has a lesser chance of harming her or himself. By the way, even the best of parents sometimes find themselves dealing with problem children. Peer groups and simply risk taking personalities contribute to the chance of some kids getting into mighty big trouble.
JimmyK January 02, 2013 at 07:39 PM
Herbal incense is still extremely easy to buy online, just research it: http://smokingblendreviews.com and see. I think the answer isn't with bans, but with honest communication.


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