Ryan Addresses Thousands at OU Rally: 'Let's Go Out and Get This Done'

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan delivers midwestern-flavored message at Monday's rally on Oakland University campus.

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan appealed to Michiganders on a very personal level Monday night on the campus of Oakland University.

Speaking to an estimated crowd of 2,000 with another 1,000 in an overflow room, Ryan's 30-minute speech was peppered with the Michigan connections between the candidate and the crowd he was addressing.

From references to Michigan State's "thumping" of the Wisconsin Badgers last year to the fact that "overseas means across Lake Superior to us," Ryan was clearly feeling neighborly.

He even took credit for a certain Detroit Tiger: ("You got Prince Fielder from us," he said. "He's still a hero to us in Milwaukee.")

"If you draw a line from Muskegon straight across the lake, that's where I'm from," Ryan said of his hometown of Janesville. He continued to talk about the automotive industry in Janesville, referring to it as a "GM town" and said, "Trust me, I come from Detroit West. We know we need a healthy auto sector. We want a stronger auto sector."

Ryan spoke of watching childhood friends lose jobs at the plants and making sure workers "get skills to get them back on their feet. And you do that with a growing economy," he said.

To grow the economy Ryan explained he and Romney's five-point plan, which includes energy devolpment, international trade agreements, workforce training and education, cutting the budget and reducing regulations to help small business.

Ryan's visit to Rochester followed the release of poll results that showed Obama has a 3 percentage point lead over Romney, closing in on the gap that was 10 percentage points last month, according to the Detroit Free Press.

'Time to decide'

After opening remarks that included thank-yous to the OU Grizzlies, Kid Rock, Candice Miller and Pete Hoekstra, Ryan said that it is "time to decide what kind of country we're going to have."

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While acknowleging that President Obama came into a tough situation, "he didn't make anything better," Ryan said.

"He went from hope and change to attack and blame," Ryan said. "We want to earn your support. We want to deserve this victory. We owe you a choice — specific solutions, specific ideas. One core idea is this: stop spending money we don't have."

Ryan also addressed running-mate Romney's leadership skills. 

"Mitt Romney is a leader. He's a man who knows how to run things. Being successful in business is a good thing— we want more of that."

The Democrats responded to Ryan with a statement released within minutes after the rally ended Monday night. 

"Congressman Ryan brought both his temper and penchant for dishonesty to Michigan today,"  said Matt McGrath, an Obama for America campaign spokesman.  "Ryan told supporters that Romney knows we need a strong auto industry – but Romney would have just ‘let Detroit go bankrupt.’

"The American people have come to expect stunning dishonesty from Congressman Ryan and Mitt Romney, but the truth is their policies would be devastating for middle class families.”

'The most important election of your generation'

Repeating a theme that was heard throughout the night, Ryan called the Nov. 6 election "the most important election of your generation."

He again called on midwestern imagery to bring his final message home to the cheering crowd.

"America is more than the Great Lakes. It's more than the Packers or the Lions, more than the Tigers or the Brewers. It's more than a flag. It's a very special idea," he said.

"Our job is to preserve this."

Ryan reminded the crowd that his ticket has a Michigander and a Wisconsinite and then he called on the Michigan crowd.

"We can do it here. We'll look back at this moment. We need your help, Michigan.

"Let's go out and get this done."

Did you attend the rally? What did you think of the message?

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R Gibson October 12, 2012 at 12:46 PM
FHV, Lies Lies Lies. You and BO have no record to run on, you f'd it up and so you tell lie after lie after lie. Now your leader Stephanie Cutter is blaming R and R for Libya. I mean come on how pathetic can you be.
R Gibson October 12, 2012 at 12:53 PM
FHVoice, this is the Bloomfield Patch, not the Farmington Hills patch, if that is really even where you are from. I live here, this site is for residents of Bloomfield. You on the other hand are just another hired thug by the Obama Campaign who is a Social Media Hacker trying to spread your false narrative. Please go and spread your hatred and vitriol somewhere else. You aren't welcome here. This site is for those of us who live in this community so we can have an honest exchange of ideas without your slop and drivel. You have made a fool of yourself. It is time for you to leave. Thanks, Take Care, and Ba Bye.
R Gibson October 12, 2012 at 12:59 PM
Pay no attention to FHVoice. He or She is a hired thug from the Obama Campaign trolling Social Media sites trying to spread his propoganda.
Erin October 12, 2012 at 01:23 PM
Mike - Yes, I remember Cheney's Halliburton and the war profiteering in Iraq. But please, don't forget another one of Halliburton's greatest hits: They were the cement seal guys in the BP oil disaster in the Gulf!!
Erin October 12, 2012 at 01:33 PM
Beth and Kathy - I'm sorry, the Libya incident does not compare at all to the scale of the lack of accountability of the fraud and deceit that got us into, and kept us in, the illegal war in Iraq. And not only illegal, but intentionally kept OFF the books and budgets by W's budget director Mitch Daniels. The first time the wars were included in the budget was when Obama took office and he directed it be done. Hmmm, how did the defeciet jump so fast the day he got in office? There you go - 2 wars on a Chinese credit card were waiting for the next sucker to figure out how pay for it. It is appalling and frightening that there has never been an accounting of that fiasco. Still. To this day. You should be appalled as well. Sorry, but the current crop of Republicans (I'll qualify, on the NATIONAL stage) have ZERO credibility when it comes to foreign policy and debt. They crashed the national car last time around. And there has been no accounting for it, no apology, no "we've learned from our errors and will do better". The only promises we have from R/R is to go back to GWB in all these areas. THAT should scare you as well.


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