Voters Pass Millage Increase to Keep Clawson Services

City departments will not suffer cuts after voters pass a tax increase in Tuesday's primary election.

Clawson voters approved a 4.2 mill tax increase to maintain city services in  Tuesday's election.

With 28 percent of registered voters casting ballots, 54 percent supported the millage proposal compared to 46 percent who voted against it. The millage will generate the $700,000 the city says it needs to maintain services such as the the and Public Works.

City Clerk Machele Kukuk reported a 28 percent voter turnout, which is the same as for the presidential primary in 2008. Kukuk had originally predicted a 25-28 percent voter turnout for today's election.

Mayor Penny Luebs said she was pleased with the voter turnout and the passing of the millage. However, she said she expected the results to be close.

"It is a nice vote of confidence that people support the millage in order to continue the life we have in Clawson with our services, new businesses, community events," Luebs said. "Once again the character of Clawson shines."

The millage proposal has been a controversial topic for some taxpayers who cited poor timing because of an already . Results show most voters were willing to sacrifice the tax increase to maintain their city's services. Luebs said Clawson thrives on services such as leaf pick-up and snow removal. 

Adam Walsh casted his vote at Schalm earlier today and said he voted in favor of the millage proposal.

"I know a lot of cities are struggling," Walsh said "I think it's important that we keep up the local fire and police (departments)."

The impact on most property owners from 2011 to 2012 taxes should be less than a $90 increase, or about $7.50 a month, City Manager Mark Pollock said.

Councilman Greg Kucera Jr. said Tuesday night he was confident the millage would pass.

"It's a great city and I felt people would vote for it," Kucera said. "They came through for us."

Dirk Johnston March 01, 2012 at 01:52 PM
I'm not sure how Mark Pollock came up with the $90/year increase. By my calculations, that makes the average home in Clawson worth about $42,000. The 4.2 mills means that for every $1000 of a home's value, the tax increase is $4.20. So $90 / $4.20 = 21.4286. Multiply that number by 1000 and you get $21,429. That number would be the State Equalized Value of your home, which means the actual value would be $42, 858. I don't know about anyone else, but my home, which was built in 1950, has a state equalized value that is greater than the $42,858 Mr. Pollock thinks the average home in Clawson is worth. So that means that my 60+ year old house is worth more than double the average value in Clawson? I don't think so. I know I will be paying almost $200 more per year, not the $90 Mr. Pollock states above.
canseeallsides March 02, 2012 at 08:38 AM
The numbers relating to value and the threats of service stoppage were a planned and executed approach to sway voters by the attorney and his court. Good job, you convinced everyone to "throw more money at it" for an easy quick fix. But here's some fearful reality for you, we just lost some state constitutional protection against a falling economy. Due to inflation, costs will continue to rise and without city cuts or innovation we will again fall short (and sooner rather than later). The city will have to come up with even more money next year when the new revenue again isn't enough to make ends meet. Will they ask for more money AGAIN or will they finally do what should have been done this year? Everyone say, thank you "yes" voters... :-\


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