Clawson's 4-Year Graduation Rate Drops Slightly

Graduation and dropout rates for 2012 were released by the State of Michigan this month.

The four-year graduation rate at Clawson High School was 91.79 percent in 2012, according to statistics released this month by the State of Michigan's Center for Educational Performance and Information.

Of the 134 Clawson High School students set to earn their diplomas within four years in 2012, 123 (91.79 percent) graduated. A total of 2 students (less than 5 percent) dropped out at some point during their high school career.

In 2011, the four-year graduation rate was 94.24 percent; the dropout rate was under 5 percent.

The results in Clawson bucked statewide trends showing an increase in four-year graduates. Across Michigan, four-year graduation rates for students expected to graduate last spring increased to 76.24 percent, up 1.9 percent from the 2011 rate of 74.33.

Students are divided into "cohorts"—a combination of students who began ninth grade in the district four years prior, and including students who transferred in or our within the four year period. So for 2012 graduates, the cohort includes students who began at Clawson High School in 2008, or transferred into the district before 2012 graduation.

The state also tracks students who were off track for four-year graduation but continuing their education, those who graduated or dropped out past the four-year mark, and those who completed their GED, or reached the maximum special education age.

“These numbers reflect the highest rates we have seen since we started reporting the data using a cohort methodology,” said CEPI director Thomas Howell. “This methodology allows us to track individual students from the first time they enroll as ninth-graders and has resulted in a more accurate measure of high school success for our students.”

More than 53 percent of Michigan’s school districts saw higher graduation rates. The largest increase in graduation rates throughout a five-year period were seen in several racial and ethnic groups. According to the report, rates for black students reached 59.93 percent last year, an increase of 3.64 percent since 2008. Hispanic student rates were at 64.3 percent, up 3.97 percent. This year’s rate reflects that 73.52 percent of multiracial students graduated in four years, increasing the annual rate by 3.52 percent since 2008.

“This is more positive news for Michigan public schools,” said state superintendent Mike Flanagan. “This is reflective of how our teachers and students are succeeding with the rigorous Michigan Merit Curriculum and being better prepared to continue Michigan’s economic comeback. We must stay on this positive course and keep our standards high and Michigan Merit Curriculum intact.”

Haulin T Male February 26, 2013 at 02:15 PM
What a difference from a Private school where Graduation rate is routinely at 100%. & advancement to college is 99% to 100%. Why would a parent put their child in that kind of environment, of less then 100% graduation? & play russian roulette with their childs future? That just reeks, to me. The job as parent is to provide your child's chance for success in life, to the best of your ability. To sit back & do nothing, saying I can't afford, well I can tell you their are ways to get them in & receive financial aid. any thing less then 100% grad. is not O K. In a private you get in to the "C" range your going to the Counselor's office & getting tutoring, that "C" , is a two week average, not per Quarter. of course if you are less then "C" range, you are on probation, the old one foot on the banana peel, & you know where the next one is going to be. No one wants to or likes to Fail, so the advantage of the Private over public, is the peer pressure,factor One private school as the following. 50+ communities represented, 20 honors courses,12 advance, placements,.Rate of advancement last yr.was 100% from Cornell to Oakland co. JC 37 million in scholarships, over the last 3 yr's. 50,000, hours of community service, oh yea you have to learn to fit in to society not take from it. Athletics, 200 individual & team League Champion ships, 53 individual & team State championships this is not a Boys school, its a Girls school where girls are allowed learning w/o snickering from boys.
Clawson Citizen February 26, 2013 at 08:47 PM
Haulin, did you go to private school? It is hard to tell with your spelling errors, wrong puncuation, capituzations on wrong words, etc. i think got what you are trying to say, but not everyone can afford private schools. ALL schools should be teaching with high standards, period. But, i also judge a good school district by how they meet students with learning disabilites, as well. These are the students you really have to pay special attention to, so they do not fall behind, etc. i raised a child with ADD, and not in Clawson. But i did have to switch school districts, to get the right teachers for her. What a difference! I almost lost her in high school.
Haulin T Male February 26, 2013 at 11:50 PM
It is only FB, gget over it. I have patience for misspelling and any thing else you don't seem to have, you have a need to critique what ever, it is not hard to get the drift. I don't take the time to reread or use spell ck., mostly it is a key board with no letters. as I said this is not the only thing going on, at one time. My point, is no excuse cause can't afford, you can afford if the will is there. Last yr's Miss Clawson went to B Foley, her dad can not drive, cause of medical reasons, he rides his bike or is driven. yet she went to a private school and now is on to higher education. Yet Clawson can't even Graduate 100%......... shameful so why take the chance .......... I punched a clock, yet knew the value to get my 5, rubbing elbows with those who were going to College the minute they were born ...... In Clawson, it seems it isn't even a goal to graduate from H S. (I didn't put the period in to keep you happy) for most. That is tough on the system since the State grades the system.
Haulin T Male February 26, 2013 at 11:53 PM
Yet they don't grade the Dinner table..........kids don't grad. from H S, comes from the dinner table lack of .........??
K. Smigels February 27, 2013 at 12:44 AM
Public schools have to educate ALL students, not just the ones who fit in a "mold" like as is required in a private school. Why is it always the school's fault when students do not graduate? There are many factors that go into why students do not graduate. I would be interested in finding out more about those students who do not graduate to find out what we as parents or teachers, coaches, etc. could have done to help them graduate; and that answer usually is not found in books and the education offered by the particular school...
Marie February 27, 2013 at 02:21 AM
Every school in Michigan is bound by the same standards and goals. They way they are taught, the teachers, leaders (from the principal to the board) and, most importantly, the parenting, is the difference. Does a school district's ratings, test scores or a high school's graduation really make that much of a difference? Isn't it the job of a parent to ensure their child is learning and becoming a good citizen? Isn't it the job of a community, as a whole, to provide an environment that embraces learning, excelling and progressing into the future. If you are so disgusted with a school or district, whether it is where your child attends or your hometown education system, why simply moan about it here? Attend a school board meeting. Contact a principal. Get involved. Do something, don't just say something.
Haulin T Male February 27, 2013 at 01:48 PM
the MOLD you talk about is formed at the Dinner Table, and when sent to a private school, most are molded there by PEER pressure to perform, 95% are not the off spring, of PHD's or Dr's, they are every day, people who are searching for help, to present high enough CURBS so there darlings will bounce back to the middle...... there was NO history of College in my FAMILY tree, so I needed help to and provide the elbow touching, to turn out a fine product........ there were like 25 from Clawson those 4 yr's, who were blue collars, who " Believed" also oh yes, they had to wear ties, to remind them this isn't a grab arce area..........
Sherry Lazdinsh February 27, 2013 at 03:02 PM
Haulin, Get off your soap box.
Sherry Lazdinsh February 27, 2013 at 03:30 PM
As a parent who lives in Clawson and has a child in the special education program at baker preschool, I am highly offended by the comments and lack of ignorance stated above. My husband and I are VERY involved with our children and their education however currently we cannot afford to send our kids to a private school. My goal is to do private school in a few years but right now we are doing what our budget and resources allow us to do. Also to insinuate that Clawson public schools is in any way responsible for kids not graduating is ludicrous. The teachers and staff do the best they can to educate and ensure these kids have a chance at success. However it's up to the child and the child's family how successful the child will be in school. If there is an "I don't care" attitude, or lack of willingness to learn or attend school, you can't hold Clawson accountable for these students actions. However instead of playing the blame game, we need to figure out why some of these kids don't graduate. Before casting judgement ask "Are these kids getting support at home? It has been found that many students who do not graduate do not have strong leadership at home. Rather it be a single parent who is working 2 jobs just to provide, total lack of parental involvement, family illness or death, many of these students don't get the support they need in order to graduate. Instead of pointing fingers, or boasting about "how great you were", lets help these kids succeed.
Haulin T Male February 27, 2013 at 03:33 PM
Marie, what is great about America, is freedom of Speech. Which you seem to be trying to take from me. The Council and CPS sold milliages on the fact our home values won't go up till the CPS test scores etc.show improvement, this came from the Realtor assoc's etc..The scores etc. do make a difference, or they wouldn't use them, in Lansing to decide if the district needs a take over.Yes it takes a Village to raise a child. Your trying to tell me not finishing H. S is O K, (not the end of the world, nope, but certainly, a scrip for Failure). According to you Marie, I don't have a right to voice my experiences? Every thing is rain bows, puppy dogs, and Ice cream. Typical Clawson resident don't want to hear reality, " don't like it, Move" that is a come back, when one does not have a cure for the reality of the fact ..... CPS, does everything they can, to screen, the School of Choice, kids, so they don't add to the Stats. Last I heard, the kids estimated to be going out side of Clawson to school is like 50 or so. I am not sure if that includes all the Clawson kids going to B Foley, Of course All parents who pay for tuition, also pay for the CP'S. One kid going to B R, parents own a business in Clawson, I won't mention which one, cause of the push back, I would never join a school board, cause your beliefs get diluted, and stomped out. A resident who won a seat on the CPS board, wrote a pc. for Patch, how his eyes were open, when he had to send his boy to U of D, H s.
K. Smigels February 28, 2013 at 07:28 PM
I would love to comment further on my opinion on a few posts, but my daddy always told me opinions are like "blank," everyone has one, including me. I am confident in my children succeeding in their lives, despite the fact they attend such a "horrible" school; and I have experienced both sides of the private/public.
Haulin T Male March 04, 2013 at 01:23 PM
Just Listen to the Directions from the youth, sure glad they didn't write the Constitution, no one would be able to say a word by the way, remember all that stalking, that is on file with the P D. ? Try and be a lady.
Haulin T Male March 04, 2013 at 01:57 PM
I am not Great, but you do list a whole slew of excuses, of why in 2013 we still have the same problems we did in 1970's yet the Supt. wants a huge increase in salary. I was a single parent, so I can speak from one of the excuses given, I was a single parent. Death happens in life, some succumb while others use it to get stronger, and handle it, cause it is a fact of life. I think? that "lack of ignorance" ?? does that mean "with knowledge" lol. I do hold the CPS responsible, cause the State Of Michigan does also, Do some of these kids need TLC, sure, meaning the school needs to have a whole lot of tutoring and Counseling "don't let up" till they have their 4 yr. other wise we are turning out another "Society's Child" that will be needing asst. from the entitlements all through their life, one way or another they will be either on welfare, doing slimy things,or prison. I pay some one to "Get ER done" I don't need to look for solutions, Why did you take my Tax Dollar, when I provided the means for an education, that guaranteed a Graduation, (as for HS that was a given) I mean from College ,I love the excuses, that are given, they should not even be part of the Litany . (look up def) A child who is having trouble in a Private School is taken under a "wing", those excuses you provided, are assignable causes, for needing help, not a reason for failure. At an all boys school, that wing can mean mentors, one on one, Dad"s, Big Bro's, same at all girls, using Mom's etc.
Haulin T Male March 04, 2013 at 02:06 PM
sure an opinions are why their are sites like this, in Daddy's time there weren't any way to voice. By experiencing both sides of Private and public, means 4 sides does it not? I am saying where there is a will there is a way, CPS could not provide for a boy on this street, this kicked him out, parents took him to Roeper and he thrived, I do not know the in and outs, only that CPS asked him to leave........


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