Voters Pass Schools Technology Bond and Library Tax Increase

Clawson taxpayers approved tax hikes for library operations and new technology for the school district.

will receive brand-new technology this year, and will be able to continue with its regular operations after voters passed two millages Tuesday.

Clawson taxpayers will fund a 0.3-mill tax increase for library operations and a 1.3-mill schools technology bond. 

The passed 1,329-1,096, and the passed 1,362-1,069. The city clerk's office reported a 26 percent voter turnout; the city originally predicted that only 18 percent of Clawson's registered voters would show up at the polls.  

"I am delighted that the citizens of Clawson are dedicated to their community," said Clare Mann, president of Friends of the Library.

Mann and a group of city, school and library officials gathered Tuesday night at to await election results from City Clerk Machele Kukuk and precinct volunteers. 

School board member Cyndi Peltonen cheered when Kukuk announced that both proposals had passed.

"I am ecstatic," she said. "Without the technology, our kids would have been handicapped."

The technology bond will generate the $4 million the district said it needs to purchase such as smart boards, clickers and new computers. The bond will cost the average homeowner an additional $65 a year, based on an  average home assessment value of about $100,000.

Blair Memorial Library will collect about $100,000 more from taxpayers, increasing library tax revenue to the $430,000 it needs to sustain itself. The average homeowner in Clawson can expect to pay about $16.49 more in taxes for the city's library.

"This will keep us operating the way we are," said Eva Burns, president of the Library Board.

Mayor Penny Luebs said both proposals passing is a "sign of a recovering economy."

Luebs said a good reputation for the school district and public library will help home values go up and make Clawson a more attractive city.

"It's wonderful news," Luebs said.

michael J May 04, 2011 at 02:57 PM
with a good number involved, hope they keep a good eye on where it is spent, and the results for future considerations. Remember this is for 10 yr's, at the end they will be 10 yr's old, and a higher millage? Hope not, hope we stay up with tech.
Clawson Parent May 04, 2011 at 03:30 PM
Yes, a great win for the school district, they really got away with that one, no one seems to know or care that the school district already took this money from the Obama Stimulus package and spent it on staff salaries and is now taking money from the tax payers to do what they said they were going to do with the Obama money, or the fact that this money is 4 times the amount the hardware and software would cost. To buy everything they are asking for is under $1,000,000 (hardware/software only, no labor) Odd they got 4 times that. It’s pretty simple to figure out where the rest is going. Clawson keeps a small army of contractors on staff, example, Clawson pays a couple thousand dollars every month to a private contracting firm to handle all of the advanced IT for the schools Technology Director because he doesn't know how. They employ a third party firm to handle the website infrastructure because the in-house web developer doesn't know how and they have a third party handle the phone systems because the in-house IT department doesn't know how. These are the experts the school district talked about in their sales pitch. Seems like a great reason to give them more money. They claim they spent the last money wisely. Ask them about the tens of thousands of dollars they spent on PDA's for the staff and kids but never took them out of the box, ultimately throwing them away unused. Seems like a great use of tax payer money!
Linda G. May 04, 2011 at 06:39 PM
For a Clawson "Parent", you didn't do your homework regarding bond money and how those funds may be spent. You don't seem very familiar with technology at all. The computers needed for a school district are not the typical home computers that are sold in retail stores. Viable business-grade computers are needed that will be able to withstand constant operation and maintain a long use life. This bond money will also purchase interactive white boards, clickers, document cameras, an updated security system, and a new phone system, not to mention updates to the infrastructure. People like you, "Clawson Parent", who like to throw rocks at people and attempt to undermind their integrity usually don't attach a "real"name with their comments. I'll bet you never attended any of the Town Hall Meetings, accessed information from the school district's website, or made any phone calls with questions. A GOOD parent would be happy with the opportunities this technology bond will afford for their children and the effect it will have on their children's future.
michael J May 04, 2011 at 07:52 PM
It all comes down to HOW MANY GO ON TO COLLEGE, WITHIN TWO BLOCKS perhaps one, of the H S, there is a young lady going to college, 4 yr. ride,soph. and she was HOME schooled. she also got a sports ride, yet she played for no school, I was fortunate to be able to work to send 3 to an all boys school, one daughter to an all girls school, both schools have a 99% college enrollment, H S seniors, no one wants to be the one to lower that %. are they forced nope, just pride, can they all afford college nope, but there are ways, one yr at a time. If you live in clawson long enough, and keep your eyes and ears open, you will get shell shocked. So don't get on any one who is shell shocked, you trusted what you were told, who were told by the decipels,, which came from the nest. This city has a reputation, I didn't know how or what depth, till my kids went to other schools, played zports at the state level and we heard it all, we heard it in the business world, why do you think clawson can only get one bid, do they pay on time, or is it the good old boy network, what ever, Just don't beleive what ever your spoon fed. Do a lot of research, and form an independent opinion. usually if there is smole, so if you use linda g, or clawson parent, what is the diff?
michael J May 04, 2011 at 08:03 PM
Girls HS, senior class, 2010, 139 in class, 12 million in college help. Yep it was in the paper we get on wed. or in the one that covers just adjacent to us, also available arounf here. The senior class collect. received 12 million in scholarships etc. these are not top of the brain pool going in, but thru nurturing and loving, this is what comes out senior yr. I had a dubting Thomas, who lives over in the NW corner, I had to buy another copy to show him. Did I think that total was obtainable, nope I was surprised.
John L. May 23, 2011 at 08:26 PM
Michael J., I don't understand your comments. Are you saying that Clawson kids don't go onto college unless they are home schooled, or, as you seem to be saying, are able to go to private schools as yours did? I believe that our children should be given the best opportunities, and this technology bond will provide that. Not all of us are able to send our kids to private schools. As for your information, I don't think that hearing second and third hand gossip from other school districts counts and/or businesses counts as a worthy informant of what is going on in the Clawson school district.
michael J May 23, 2011 at 10:31 PM
It is not third hand, I was showing what is available, when a tax increase is labled as do or die, that is not accurate, there is always a way around a ROAD BLOCK, I will take the %'s, success in the area of school shoppers, is the % that goes on to college, 99.5 % or a school district that is closer to 50%. The area of scholarships, a gold nugget can be found in each senior class, just a gold rush in others. There is always a way. As far as home school, that seems not a % move but it worked out for the family down from the Library.
John L. May 24, 2011 at 03:08 PM
Are you aware of the current cuts to the school's per pupil budget by our new governor? With those cuts, no, there truly would not have been enough money for the school to drastically improve the technology without our school district. The current budget is not merely a road block, it is an end to the road itself. There was no reason to take money from the budget that has traditionally been used for K-12 education to give to higher education. I agree with you, that I hope that this money is spent wisely. I believe that this bond is a great step in the right direction for Clawson schools. And, as for "third hand" comments, you specifically talked about the "reputation" of our city when you went to another district. That isn't "showing what is available". I'm glad that home schooling worked for the family down from the library. I'm also glad for your family that you were able to send your children to private school. Unfortunately, there is not always a way. Many families in Clawson are 2 parent working families, so home schooling is not an option. Many families are also struggling to make ends meet as it is, so private school is not an option. I am the father of two small children. My wife and I both work outside of the home. We live within our means and in no way do we have an extravagant lifestyle. Therefore, we chose to support our local school district as much as we possibly can. We participate in fundraisers, etc whenever possible.
John L. May 24, 2011 at 03:32 PM
It is wonderful that private schools can boast such high college placement percentages and scholarship awards. Fortunately for them, they have the ability to refuse students that don't have the drive or desire to reach those goals. Public schools, however, basically get what they get. They can't force the kids to do their homework, or force the parents to be involved in the academic career of their children. I think that it is safe to assume that the parents that are sending their children to private schools are also very involved at least to the extend of being able to provide help, and/or tutors when necessary. Clawson is the smallest school district in Oakland County. We are also a "school of choice" school. Not every kid that goes to Clawson WANTS to go on to college. And, frankly, that is not always a reflection on the teaching staff or the district. The teachers and the district have to make do with what they are given - in this case what kids they are given. I have very young children in the district. I am curious to find out where you received your statistics on college placement in the Clawson district, as that is something I would like to know.
John L. May 24, 2011 at 03:36 PM
Also, there is an article today about 2011 graduates receiving over a million dollars in scholarships from the city/community. Those figures do not include scholarships that were received from sources outside of Clawson and the Clawson community.
michael J May 24, 2011 at 04:07 PM
Sir; What you say is so right on, and well thought out. As far as Govr. he has done it that way, in my opinion, To get rid of the FAT, as in the budgets, from there he wants the SMALLEST of Districts to be folded into other districts, ESPECIALLY in the URBAN areas. He has said, he wants all districts under 3 or 3.5 miles sq. to quit the redundancy and fold in with a neighbor, I can not quote that since I don't have the exact words. It is so very close, IT is his vision, to stop having a district every 2.2 sq miles. or an Library, etc. REGIONAL ONLY, Troy City Mang. was on the local news after talking with the Gov. It went like this. " The Gov wants Troy to help with his reduction Policy." he went on to say. " there are 8 communities So. of here TROY, that can fit within troy's city limits, we have One Police Chief, the eight have eight chiefs, right there is a tremendous savings, GO ON with that flavor, DPW'S, where % land can be taken care of with no extra cost, yet each pays for a DPW mang, so on. A regional buying power, like a rail car full of Paper, etc. Are Public Schools, not a purest form of Socialism, seems The right is against socialism, not to be debated here, but why not go the route of private, amd or any other form of ewducation, detroit is now full of them, to get away from not so good issues down there. I PUNCHED A CLOCK, i WAS A SingLE PARENT, for a time, sent 4 to private, one to clawson. you ask some ?'s that5 should be answered by email, not publicly
michael J May 24, 2011 at 04:35 PM
John L: Any school has the % going on to college, the schools do advertise the number if it is high, one can call and ask, etc. I will guarantee you, the one school I quoted, about scholarships etc. the kids were not that caliber when they went in, but came out a-ok. You have the reputation of the school, the Gpa's, communication w/parents, not when it is too late, Little Talked about, but as important as any thing, the Guidence Department, and at least one visit every two weeks. J L, again this is public reading you asked some inside info, that I will help you with, but need E mail address, or ? The higher the % the more support a fence leaner will be pushed towards going on wards. If you are asking these questions now shows a forward thought process, I can only give you food for thought, the parents have to make the decission, I paid school taxes, and paid Tutition, was it tight? let me say this, when the first one went to college, it was cheaper. I would like to answer as much as possible, some of quests, answers came from with in Clawson, it self, by professionals. I cAn share this, no child likes to be not wanted, at a private school, they do not let go just to let go, it has to be an open rebellion, but the fear of being let go, helps kids to start to perform. Boy you mentioned some thing I said a while ago, that says you have been reading from afar, we can meet, or send email.
michael J May 25, 2011 at 02:08 PM
John L. you have disappeared or who ever you are, I asked for you to send email or meet,, so your ficticous, trying to sound like your from Clawson which is a true slap at the City. The editor should make sure people are real and not pretenders. you should reread the artical, the editor used the million as an eye opener, she got the idea from me, when I said 139 girls collected over 12 million ......... as far as you saying the million came from with in Clawson, just look around, do you really thing that is possible?
John L. May 25, 2011 at 05:50 PM
Michael J., I appreciate your offer to meet or email, however, I simply wanted to know where you were getting your facts/figures. I don't believe that is something that needs to be discussed privately, if you are willing to offer your "facts" up in a public forum, I would assume that you would be willing to back them up the same way. I do have young children in the district. As I said previously, that is wonderful that you were able to send all four of your children to private school. That is not, however, something my wife and I are able to do. It is something we have thoughtfully looked into, and it is not currently possible. It appears from your comments that your children are much older, so I am not sure if you have looked into current tuition rates for the closest private elementary and high schools. As I also stated, my wife and I work full time, so after school childcare is an additional expense, and we must take into consideration the location of a private school that we would join, as we would obviously have to drive the kids back and forth. As for the 2011 graduate scholarships, I was simply quoting the article. This is what it says, quoted word for word: "Students at Clawson High School received a total of more than $1 million in scholarships this year from the school district and community." Take it however you want.
michael J May 25, 2011 at 09:15 PM
alias John L. or Sharon L, If you want to pick my brain, my price for that service is a meet and greet, I found what I know by investigating, a face with such delving questions, I was a single parent for yr's and made it, was it easy nope, but we did it, dinner was cooked after 6.00 p/u and then private school HOME WORK, and high school is 2 1/2 hr's a night, or you get behind, but when done with H S, most start college, at freshmen 1/2. you don't think it should be said privetly, that is where you are wrong. as far as cost now days. IT IS ALL RELATIVE IS IT NOT, depends when you get into the cost of living rat race. when I bought into clawson, I had a 10 1/2 % morgage, folks had never heard of that, they all had 2, 3 % mogt. MY DAD, one night, AS I was waiting to double date, could not under stand how any one could go out on a date, cause a show was a .25 and pop and pop corn was .10, a hot dog was .10, back when he and Mom, were hitching up the team, to go out to 3 mile creek, for a picnic, that is in Traverse city, 3 mile creek, is right at the TC State Park, if you were really in Love, your would go out to Chum Corners, for an all day, date. sunday at city park a vendor was charging 5.00 for an over size hot dog. it is all reletive You if you want can wean off of the system, if you want as you say, your kids to go with kids with no vision , a parents choice, has to live with that choice, there is a lot of dead time after they leave to second guess your self.
michael J May 25, 2011 at 09:23 PM
I stand by what I say, reporting by watching a local news cast is one thing, what I have found, are the reports here are not very deep, they are spoon fed, another words they report what they are told, and do not find a counter point, so why don't you ask the school who funded all the 1 mil. and it looks like a select few received, and with as at a lot of schools some received multiples. I will guess this, if you look at a house and the asking price is 200K and you offer 200k shame on you, unless it is about a business and it is loc. loc. location, then and only them would it be ok, to pay asking price. At private schools there are ways around tutiton, full price. if by need, such as ............. till you want to meet.
michael J June 07, 2011 at 03:56 PM
John L, Sharon your sneakey, why not be up front, insted of behind the scenes, why doesn't patch make people be or use rightfull name?


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