VIDEO: Ravens Football Coach Fires Up Elementary Broadcast

Ryan Irish and three varsity football players stop by Upton Elementary's news broadcast.

Every day at 12:40 p.m. students at Upton Elementary tune into the "Upton in the Afternoon" news broadcast to learn about school news, sports items, birthdays, a "Did you know" statement and more.

Today, Royal Oak High School head football coach Ryan Irish stopped by with three varsity players - Jistin Unger, Alexander Sims and Tyler Beerer - to lend a hand with the announcements.

Irish encouraged students to attend tonight's homecoming game but to first "get their homework done."

Beerer lent a hand to calling out this week's "Rock Star" winners - students that are chosen from each class for displaying one of the Rock Star qualities of diaplaying positive behavior such as being responsible, being open-minded, being cooperative, being kind, using self-control and showing good work habits.

The newscast is staffed by fourth and fifth graders who write, direct and produce the production under the leadership of Media Tech Donna Stajniak.

This week's broadcast team consisted of news reporters Ramata Manneh and William Hailer, audio person Ella Rock and cameraman Alex Eisenberg. The students rotate job tasks each week. The broadcast is looking for more "special guests" each Friday.


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