Ayesha Qureshi
I provide a variety of chiropractic services at BodyWorks in Clawson. I trained in karate for 14 years, sparking the initial reason as to why I became a chiropractor, and have since remained active with other sports.  Because of my activity levels and pretty much constant wear and tear on my body, I learned that for me, the traditional method of chiropractic adjustments didn't fully address all the issues my young body was developing.  The typical chiropractic adjustment primarily address joint dysfunction and doesn't specifically take into account the supportive soft tissue.  This is why I am a certified Active Release Techniques (ART) provider - to address not only joint pain, but the muscle dysfunction that naturally results because of joint dysfunction.  ART also addresses the build up of scar tissue and muscle adhesions that restrict mobility and cause pain.  BodyWorks is one of the few chiropractic offices in the Metro Area that offers ART care. I have been practicing in Clawson for three years, and I am always present at the Clawson Farmer's Market and other various activities in Clawson.  My husband and I enjoy rowing with the Ecorse Rowing Club and training at CrossFit Reviver in Rochester Hills.
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