Fuel Report: Gas Prices Jump to $4 Mark

The price for a gallon of fuel has increased across Michigan.

The cheapest gas prices near Clawson are nearing the $4 mark and the average price around metro Detroit is already there.

According to Mapquest, the cheapest gas in the area is $3.98 at BP, 206 W. 14 Mile Rd. in Clawson.

The average price for gas in metro Detroit is up 31 cents from last week. The statewide average is $4.

To save you the search around town, here are the five lowest gas prices near Clawson:

  • BP, 206 W. 14 Mile Rd.: $3.98
  • Sunoco, 4738 Rochester Rd.: $3.99
  • Citgo, 24 N. Rochester Rd.: $3.99
  • Rich Oil, 3310 N. Main St.: $3.99
  • Speedway, 4727 Crooks Rd.: $3.99

Information compiled from gasprices.mapquest.com and AAA Fuel Report.


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