Whiz Kids: Students Win Guardian Angels Declamation Contest

Students placed in a competition for dramatic presentations.


Accomplishment: These students were the winners of the Guardian Angels Declamation Contest on Feb. 20. Students in grades 3-8 had to memorize and perform a 100-word published poem, speech or monologue to their classroom. Six finalists were chosen from each class for the schoolwide competition. Teachers separated the students with a contest for grades 3-5 and for grades 6-8.

Winners of the grades 3-5 competition: Jarod Amparo, 4th grade (first place); Jeremy Dolphin, 5th grade (second place); Kate Dooley, 3rd grade (3rd place)

Winners of the grades 6-8 competition: Alyssa McMurtry, 7th grade (first place); McKenna Dooley, 6th grade (second place); Inna Espinoza, 7th grade (third place)

Key to Awesomeness: The students are judged on volume, articulation, memorization, dramatic presentation and poise. Teacher and competition moderator Barbara Dunham said students gain skills that will benefit them in the future.

"Just learning how to handle yourself comfortably in front of a group, it’s a lifelong skill," Dunham said. "The younger you start something like this, the easier it is when you get older."

Dunham said the school hosts the Declamation Contest every year for students.

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